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3D render showcasing a close-up of a highly detailed female android's face. The soft blue illumination enhances her intricate circuitry and metallic components, with her almost human-like eyes and shimmering metallic lips standing out in wide ratio
3D render showcasing a close-up of a highly detailed female android's face. The soft blue illumin... [more]
Model: DALLĀ·E 3
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: Macro photo of futuristic android girl with blue hair in wide ratio
Prompt: Raw photo capturing the natural texture and details of a female android's face, illuminated in a soft blue hue. Her captivating eyes and metallic lips, combined with the intricate circuitry, present a harmonious blend of biology and technology in wide format
Prompt: a andorid female robot in a dress with some gold parts over the face, in the style of robotic motifs, solarizing master, hyper-realistic details, ultra hd, dark and intricate, machine-like precision, serene faces
Prompt: a woman is wearing a futuristic costume, in the style of highly detailed realism, android jones, traditional african art, dark silver and light black, robotics kids, intense gaze, vibrant colorism
Prompt: Photorealistic image of a close-up of a humanoid with matte gray skin and deep-set black eyes. The face is intricately decorated with patterns made of silver and gold metals resembling circuits. A crown composed of coiled metallic wires projects from the forehead. The neck appears mechanical with a mesh of metal tubes. The backdrop casts a subdued dark hue.
Prompt: Photorealistic matte photo of a gold android female head. The intricate details reveal underlying circuitry and mechanisms, showcasing a perfect blend of human-like features and advanced technology in UHD quality.
Prompt: Macro photo focusing on the intricate facial details of a futuristic humanoid girl with deep blue hair, highlighting the delicate balance between organic and mechanical elements, with a hint of neon glow reflecting off her skin in wide ratio
Prompt: A striking android with human-like facial features displays mesmerizing, detailed eyes and a neutral lip shade. Centered on its forehead is a multifaceted camera lens, and it wears sleek headphones. Ambient machinery and circuits softly blur in the background.
Prompt: Macro photo focusing on the detailed features of a female android's face, emphasizing the intricate circuitry, metallic components, and the shimmer of her lips, all illuminated in a soft blue hue in wide format