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Macro photo focusing on the detailed features of a female android's face, emphasizing the intricate circuitry, metallic components, and the shimmer of her lips, all illuminated in a soft blue hue in wide format
Macro photo focusing on the detailed features of a female android's face, emphasizing the intrica... [more]
Model: DALLĀ·E 3
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: circuit board background art, in the style of expressive facial features, daz3d, shiny eyes, classicist portraiture, dark white and teal, futuristic robots, mind-bending murals
Prompt: The image presents a close-up of a highly detailed female android's face, illuminated in a soft blue hue. Intricate circuitry and metallic components form her features, with captivating, almost human-like eyes and shimmering metallic lips. in wide ratio
Prompt: art & design|abstract art|abstract art wall art|abstracts wall art | computer desktop wallpapers | photo wallpapers | 3d, in the style of whimsical cyborgs, realistic hyper-detailed portraits, dark silver and indigo, afrofuturism, human connections, strong facial expression, realistic hyper-detailed rendering
Prompt: Create a futuristic portrait of an advanced humanoid robot. The robot is adorned with a complex network of silver and gold wires forming an intricate circuitry pattern across the head and neck, resembling a high-tech crown. These wires should be set against the robot's smooth, matte black skin. The robot's eyes are a deep, glowing blue, with a sharp gaze that exudes intelligence and depth. The background is a subtle gradient from dark to light grey, focusing all attention on the robot, which is a blend of elegance, power, and advanced technology. The artwork should have a hyper-realistic quality, with a balance of shadow and light that highlights the textures and materials, making it appear tangible.
Prompt: 3D render of a futuristic woman's face crafted from metallic materials. The color palette emphasizes gold and azure. The high-detail design incorporates fragmented advertising elements, with the overall image showcasing emotion and artistry rather than strict realism.
Prompt: A polished, metallic android with a gleaming surface stands illuminated. Its intense blue eyes radiate an otherworldly glow, set against a backdrop of vertical digital rain patterns reminiscent of coded data streams.
Prompt: Digital render of a face with Asian features intertwined with detailed circuitry. The realistic eyes glimmer, contrasting with the surrounding cybernetic landscape in cool blue tones, depicting a union of biology and electronics.
Prompt: Macro photo of futuristic android girl with blue hair in wide ratio