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Artistic photo render illustrating a close-up of a humanoid figure of Asian descent in a cybernetic ambiance. Her face reveals intricate jewelry designs and advanced electronic interfaces. An intense gaze captures the viewer's attention, while her skin radiates a blend of earthly and neon undertones. Surrounding her, cascading digital rain and shimmering lines enhance the futuristic atmosphere.
Artistic photo render illustrating a close-up of a humanoid figure of Asian descent in a cybernet... [more]
Model: DALLĀ·E 3
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: a futuristic android face in a circuit concept, in the style of illusory hyperrealism, bold, black lines, neo-academism, scott adams, digital as manual, data visualization
Prompt: The image presents a close-up of a highly detailed female android's face, illuminated in a soft blue hue. Intricate circuitry and metallic components form her features, with captivating, almost human-like eyes and shimmering metallic lips. in wide ratio
Prompt: Artistic photo render capturing a close-up of a humanoid figure of African descent, set in a futuristic world. Her face is adorned with intricate jewelry, electronic interfaces, and vibrant tattoos. Her eyes, intense and mysterious, seem to tell tales of the future. Her skin, a harmonious blend of natural and neon hues, contrasts with cascading digital rain and illuminated lines that create a mesmerizing cybernetic backdrop.
Prompt: Artistic macro photo render capturing intricate details on the face of a humanoid figure of African descent in a futuristic setting. The close-up reveals ornate jewelry, electronic interfaces, and vibrant skin patterns. Her eyes radiate intensity, and a mix of natural and neon hues play across her skin. Cascading digital rain and illuminated lines add depth and a cybernetic touch to the composition.
Prompt: Futuristic cyberpunk-inspired 8-bit makeup, blending pixelated aesthetic with neon colors and holographic effects, featuring glowing lines, holographic projections, and dynamic lighting effects that change with movement, creating a fusion between retro gaming and advanced technology
Prompt: a woman is wearing a futuristic costume, in the style of highly detailed realism, android jones, traditional african art, dark silver and light black, robotics kids, intense gaze, vibrant colorism
Prompt: a woman's face with a bright light coming out of it and a cross in the middle of the image, Alex Grey, neo-figurative, cybernetics, cyberpunk art
Prompt: In a radiant dimension, an Asian woman's feelings shine brightly with a spectrum of colors and metallic tints on her dermis. Each sentiment, from passion to despair, is boldly showcased, pushing against societal norms of how emotions should be portrayed.
Prompt: gold android female head, in the style of photorealistic details, circuitry, matte photo, uhd image