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futuristic robot girl with blue eyes, in the style of hyper-realistic portraiture, light gold and dark cyan, dark blue and silver, layered lines, 32k uhd, feminine beauty, urban decay in wide ratio
futuristic robot girl with blue eyes, in the st... [more]
Model: DALL·E 3
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: Macro photo capturing a detailed close-up of a futuristic android girl with vibrant blue hair, her facial features revealing intricate circuits and glowing components, set against a backdrop of a technologically advanced cityscape in wide ratio
Prompt: The image portrays a lifelike android girl with piercing blue eyes, dressed in a futuristic white armor suit adorned with intricate jewelry and a delicate crown. Beside her stands a complex, mechanical robot with glowing elements. They are set against a backdrop of a grand, dimly-lit hall with glowing candles. in wide ratio
Prompt: a andorid female robot in a dress with some gold parts over the face, in the style of robotic motifs, solarizing master, hyper-realistic details, ultra hd, dark and intricate, machine-like precision, serene faces
Prompt: Macro photo showcasing a close-up of a futuristic, humanoid figure's face, adorned with intricate jewelry and electronic interfaces. Her gaze is intense, and her skin glows with a mix of natural and neon hues. The detailed view reveals cascading digital rain and illuminated lines, enhancing the cybernetic ambiance. in wide ratio
Prompt: Digital art of a female android, with her head and neck showcasing detailed mechanical components. The brilliance of her blue eyes contrasts with the metallic shades of silver and gray enveloping her. The background is a whirlpool of intricate designs, enhancing the futuristic ambiance.
Prompt: 3D render showcasing a close-up of a highly detailed female android's face. The soft blue illumination enhances her intricate circuitry and metallic components, with her almost human-like eyes and shimmering metallic lips standing out in wide ratio
Prompt: female robot woman with blue eyes using an electronic hand, in the style of realistic hyper-detailed portraits, baroque sci-fi, light gold and azure, photo-realistic, cyberpunk manga, mechanical realism, captivating realism --ar 128:73 --v 5.2
Prompt: Photorealistic matte photo of a gold android female head. The intricate details reveal underlying circuitry and mechanisms, showcasing a perfect blend of human-like features and advanced technology in UHD quality.
Prompt: Macro photo focusing on the intricate facial details of a futuristic humanoid girl with deep blue hair, highlighting the delicate balance between organic and mechanical elements, with a hint of neon glow reflecting off her skin in wide ratio