What's New on OpenArt

This page lists out exciting releases so you can easily try them out!

Image Editing Redefined:OpenArt Inpainting

April 29, 2024

Time to edit like never before! Try it now!

Magic mode: Witness real magic with our exclusive OpenArt magic mode - get what you want with every click.

Reference image
: Use images references on masked areas for more control.

Smart selection: Hover and click to select any part of the image easily, no more manual drawing.

Enhanced quality: 1024x1024 output size with higher inpainting quality.

Boost your creativity with Style Palettes

April 10, 2024

Ever feel like you don’t know where to start, or can’t seem to get the style right?

Introducing Style Palettes - 150+ styles curated for you to get inspired.
Think of them as templates for AI. Browse, pick, and click a style you like, hit Create, tweak the prompt. It is that simple.

Try style palettes now!

Create images with more control than ever

April 5, 2024

Take image generation to the next level with the new OpenArt create page.
You can now make use of the Image Guidance section to guide your AI with ease. Check out our killer walkthroughs of pose reference, composition reference, face reference, and style reference. We also improved the creator arrangement to streamline your creative process even more.

Start creating today!