Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create images for free?

Yes! When you sign up, you'll receive 1000 free credits to create images. Plus, you can earn daily free credits by joining our Discord community. If you need more credits, you can always get our subscription (you need to log in first).

Can I make my own AI models or image generator for free?

Unfortunately, model training requires a lot of resources, so we do charge for it. However, we do offer bulk discounts to make it more affordable for you. Get started here

My images aren't turning out well. What can I do?

Sometimes a better prompt is needed for high-quality images. Check out our discover page or our prompt book to learn more.

Can I use images I created or I found on your platform for commercial purposes?

You can use any images you created for commercial purposes. You can also use any images on our platform generated by Stable Diffusion for commercial purposes without licensing.

Can I create NSFW content?

Yes. You can create a limited number of NSFW images with trial credits. You will need to subscribe to our hobbyist package in order to generate more. The reason is that we want to maintain a safe and friendly community overall. However, we do have a zero-tolerance policy for illegal images and will take appropriate action.



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