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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I generate images for free?

    Yes! When you sign up, you receive 20 trial credits to try premium features and advanced models. Aside from the one-time trial credits, you also get 20 free credits every day to create images with the basic models (OpenArt SDXL, OpenArt Creative, and Stable Diffusion XL). You can earn extra trial credits by joining the OpenArt Discord. If you need more credits, you can always subscribe to a plan.

  • Can I make my own AI models or image generator for free?

    Model training comes with subscription plans as they require heavy computation resources. We offer affordable deals with the subscription plans. Get started here.

  • My images aren't turning out well. What can I do?

    Sometimes a better prompt is needed for high-quality images. Check out our discover page or our prompt book to learn more. The OpenArt Wiki also has great resources to up your game.

  • Can I use images I created or found on your platform for commercial purposes?

    You can use any image you created for commercial purposes. You can also use any image on our platform generated by Stable Diffusion for commercial purposes without licensing. For more information about appropriate attribution, visit the OpenArt Wiki .

  • I am a paid subscriber. Do credits carry over to the next month?

    Subscription credits do not carry over to the next month, but we provide plenty of credits so hopefully you will find more than enough to use each month. After your plan expires, you will lose access to the paid credits. For more information about how credits and subscriptions work, visit the Help Center .