Save 20%


/ mo
Up to 4 parallel generations.
Unlimited generations on 4 basic models (Image size up to 512x512, Steps up to 25)
One-time 100 trial credits for all the features. Join Discord for additional one-time 100 trial credits.


/ mo
monthly paid credits
Up to 8 parallel generations.
20+ public models
Access to all AI tools, including sketch to image, creative variations, stock image transformer, custom people stock images and magic brush.
Edit image with inpainting
Generate images above 512x512 with Img2img
Generate with ControlNet
All personalized models are kept during subscription
monthly paid credits can be used on public/personalized models
2x, 4x upscale image, face/anime enhancement


/ mo
Most Popular
monthly paid credits
Up to 16 parallel generations.
Everything included in Starter
Allow NSFW prompt
Public NSFW models


/ mo
monthly paid credits
Up to 32 parallel generations
Everything included in Hobbyist
Faster generation speed

* The paid credits don't carry to the next month. You will lose the monthly paid credits after you unsubscribe.
* If you have any issues, please contact us at