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Render of a world where personal emotions and thoughts vividly shape one's facial appearance. Each inner sensation materializes into a fresh and lively facial portrayal, creating a kaleidoscope of human feelings.
Render of a world where personal emotions and t... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: Craft a world where emotions and thoughts manifest physically on one's face, with each feeling giving birth to an entirely new and vivid facial expression, resulting in a mosaic of human emotions.
Prompt: photo of a woman of Hispanic descent with a face adorned with zebra patterns and vibrant stripes, capturing the fusion of futuristic Victorian style, liquid metal aesthetics, and pattern explosion.
Prompt: embossed metallic psychdelic interconnected brain
Prompt: A digital render of a head formed from a maze of cables, set against a backdrop of psychedelic motifs. The cables shimmer with body-paint-like patterns, and the entire scene is accentuated with bold and radiant lines.
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face blending with abstract elements in vivid teal, orange, and blue. A detailed, oversized eye is a focal point on the left, surrounded by fluid patterns. The composition has an extreme depth of field, creating a dreamlike and ethereal atmosphere.
Prompt: Surreal scene where DMT entities emerge and intertwine with vibrant psychedelic threads. These threads weave around the entities, forming intricate and mesmerizing patterns that pulse with color and energy.
Prompt: In vivid colors, a 3D figure emerges, radiating the brilliance of technological advancements. The facial expression stands out, showcasing intricate details. With styling cues from Daz3D, the figure intricately merges human anatomy with technological circuitry patterns. The presence of computer-aided manufacturing nuances enhances the overall design, imbuing it with symbolic depth.
Prompt: A photo capturing the essence of a surrealistic dream, with vibrant colors and patterns reminiscent of psychedelic art, accentuated by intricate zbrush-style details and the deep tones of neurocore.
Prompt: oil painting of a person with thick afro hair, lost in a realm of psychedelic wonder, where orange hues merge with polka dots, and light battles with shadow for dominance.