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oil painting of a person with thick afro hair, lost in a realm of psychedelic wonder, where orange hues merge with polka dots, and light battles with shadow for dominance.
oil painting of a person with thick afro hair, lost in a realm of psychedelic wonder, where orang... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1024Height: 1024

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Prompt: Vivid digital illustration of surreal hallucinations on DMT, intense and distorted visuals, psychedelic experience, vibrant and shifting colors, abstract and otherworldly creatures, intricate patterns and fractals, mind-bending distortions, high definition, hyperrealistic, digital art, surreal, vibrant colors, hallucinatory, abstract creatures, mind-bending visuals, intense and distorted, vibrant and shifting colors, surrealistic, otherworldly, psychedelic
Prompt: an illustration of a face with a glowing effect over his head, in the style of colorful explosions, 8k 3d, psychedelic manga, detailed skies in square ratio
Prompt: A digital render of a mysterious entity in the cosmos, with countless eyes that seem to pulse with energy, set against a backdrop of spiraling vortexes of colors.
Prompt: creation of life, woman emerging from nothing, cosmic explosion, vibrant colors, surreal glow, open detailed eyes, high definition, digital art, cosmic, abstract, life creation, woman, vibrant colors, surreal glow, cosmic explosion, high definition
Prompt: chaotic yet harmonious composition, expressive representation, sensual and enigmatic atmosphere, detailed hands covering ears, blindfolded eyes, closed mouth, surreal art style, oil painting, vibrant colors, dramatic lighting, high contrast, textured brushstrokes, detailed facial expressions, rich and intense imagery, professional, high quality, enigmatic, chaotic harmony, expressive art
Prompt: A gothic black woman is in mourning. Her face is doll like and cracked and her limbs are (((long))). Her skin is quite pale. She is showing fear and anger. She is wearing dark colors. There are crows watching her from the trees. full body view macabre and dark fantasy
Prompt: embossed metallic psychdelic interconnected
Prompt: <mymodel>“Ego death”- psychedelic hallucinations- Geometry, fractals, sacred geometry, tesseract, hypercubes,a subterranean ”churning ocean of fractals”, fractal currents, one with all, everything and nothing at the same time. ,
Prompt: Render of a world where personal emotions and thoughts vividly shape one's facial appearance. Each inner sensation materializes into a fresh and lively facial portrayal, creating a kaleidoscope of human feelings.