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3D render of a woman's face blending with abstract elements in vivid teal, orange, and blue. A detailed, oversized eye is a focal point on the left, surrounded by fluid patterns. The composition has an extreme depth of field, creating a dreamlike and ethereal atmosphere.
3D render of a woman's face blending with abstr... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: 3d digital photography design for a woman's head, in the style of swirling colors, split toning, hyper-realistic oil, flowing lines, detailed character illustrations, colorful mindscapes, matte photo
Prompt: A surreal artwork depicting the abstract representation of facial expressions through vibrant colors and swirling patterns, creating an immersive visual experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. The focus is on the face in the style of expression.
Prompt: A photo capturing the essence of a surrealistic dream, with vibrant colors and patterns reminiscent of psychedelic art, accentuated by intricate zbrush-style details and the deep tones of neurocore.
Prompt: Surreal scene where DMT entities emerge and intertwine with vibrant psychedelic threads. These threads weave around the entities, forming intricate and mesmerizing patterns that pulse with color and energy.
Prompt: Illustration depicting a face, shimmering in gold, with wires cascading around. The eye captures attention with its photorealism, and metallic rectangles float around. The scene is set against a dark cyan and yellow gradient, embodying a futuristic Victorian aesthetic with paint drips.
Prompt: Rendered in 3D, a wide scene portrays a woman's face seamlessly blending with vivid abstract artistry. A pronounced, detailed eye anchors the left side, with the face enveloped in swirling, fantastical forms in shades of teal, orange, and blue. The scene is accentuated with an extreme depth of field, reflecting a realm of imagination.
Prompt: A surreal artwork depicting the face of an attractive woman, her features melting into vibrant colors and patterns that flow across the canvas like liquid paint. The background is dark with shadows adding depth to the scene. Her eyes have a mesmerizing glow as they gaze out at viewers, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue.
Prompt: Wide photo of a young girl's face, colored in shades of blue, gracefully emerging from the vibrant swirls reminiscent of a lava lamp, with hues of purple, blue, and orange.
Prompt: <mymodel>hyper-detailed, hyperrealistic digital painting of a fantastical eye. The eye is surrounded by vibrant, organic shapes that resemble various natural forms such as coral, fungi, and other sea-life textures. The composition is rich with intricate patterns and a multitude of colors including yellows, purples, blues, and pinks, all adding to a psychedelic and otherworldly feel. The pupil is dilated and the iris has a fiery, golden texture, with the surrounding area melting in a surreal manner, dripping with vivid colors that blend seamlessly into each other, creating a sense of movement and fluidity."
Prompt: A vibrant artwork captures the silhouette of a human profile adorned with a hollow, yellow halo-like headpiece. This figure is set against a backdrop of swirling, psychedelic patterns in vivid colors, dominated by a large central eye motif. Abstract elements and bubbles float and merge in this entrancing visual dance.
Prompt: A captivating face of an Asian woman takes shape from a concoction of radiant gold and lively teal. Whirling designs envelope her face, mirroring her contours and accentuating her striking blue eyes that appear to hold myriad secrets. Glistening gold drips from her eyes, suggesting the sorrows of an age-old spirit.
Prompt: A wide, borderless depiction of a woman's face merging with abstract elements in vibrant teal, orange, and blue. A detailed, oversized eye is prominent on the left, with the face enveloped by fluid patterns, exuding a fantastical and ethereal ambiance.
Prompt: lucid dreams, the eye of god, in the style of intricate and bizarre illustrations, schizowave, surrealistic horror, redshift, terrorwave, structured chaos, airbrush art in 16:9 ratio
Prompt: Wide 3D depiction of a woman's visage merging harmoniously with abstract motifs in rich teal, orange, and blue hues. An oversized, intricately designed eye captures attention on the left, complemented by fluid designs. The scene boasts a profound depth of field, evoking a sense of mystery and wonder.
Prompt: Render of a world where personal emotions and thoughts vividly shape one's facial appearance. Each inner sensation materializes into a fresh and lively facial portrayal, creating a kaleidoscope of human feelings.
Prompt: An illustration of a multidimensional being in outer space, characterized by its many eyes and intricate fractal patterns, with a backdrop of swirling galaxies.
Prompt: a colorful painting with colorful swirls and swirls, in the style of beeple, chris dyer, fluid photography, realistic hyper-detail, valentin rekunenko, orange and cyan, unmodulated color
Prompt: The image showcases an intricately detailed close-up of an eye, shimmering in vibrant shades of blue and gold. Tears, some reflecting the same mesmerizing eye within them, cascade down wrinkled skin. The eye's iris holds a unique pattern resembling a silhouetted forest around a glowing horizon.
Prompt: alienated abstraction looking curious at me
Prompt: "cloudy plumes of swirling blowing rolling super thick thicker smoke liquid metal liquid smoke oozing bloated emboss light-based hologram 8k abstract solid ethereal spectral translucent 3d highly detailed ultra realistic hyper resolution hyper-detailed high definition liquid sky swirling wind Octane render Zbrush VRay oil gouache melting acrylics deep"
Prompt: Cinematic visualization: In a twilight setting, emphasize the enthralling eyes of a lady entirely made from wet paper pieces. These pieces, detaching, reveal alien iridescent greenish textures. Her intense eyes, originally human, evolve into soft-glowing amber greenish pink alien pupils with swirling designs, evoking an aura of the unknown.
Prompt: demon emerge, Dan Mumford, psychedelic art, tristan eaton, poster art
Prompt: Conceptual digital illustration of truth, vibrant colors, surreal background, detailed and expressive eyes, high-quality, surrealism, symbolic, meaningful, vivid tones, dreamlike lighting, intricate details, visually captivating, emotional depth
Prompt: Create an artistic macro photograph of an eye, capturing the vivid colors and intricate details with a creative twist. The tears should reflect a distorted, artistic interpretation of the eye, and the iris pattern should creatively echo the form of a forest around a glowing horizon.
Prompt: alienated abstraction looking curious at me
Prompt: all images for the tattoo shop psychedelic art posters on the back, in the style of #screenshotsaturday, spiritual abstractions, john pitre, dark green and crimson, uhd image, weirdcore, psychedelic vibe
Prompt: Percolated Waterfall Cyclops Eyeballs Muted Flowers, Surreal, Artwork, Highly detailed, Concept art, Surrealism, Surreal art, Salvador Dali, Fantasy, Artstation by Sill Scaroni, vivid colors, Gold flowers