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The image depicts a surreal, monochromatic visage of a woman submerged in wavy, fluid-like patterns. Her features are accentuated with glossy, reflective textures, and her eyes are dramatically darkened, contrasting against her porcelain ski in wide ratio.
The image depicts a surreal, monochromatic visage of a woman submerged in wavy, fluid-like patter... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: 3D representation of a woman in a surreal environment, her face exhibiting black and white stripes, drawing inspiration from emotive distortions and the atmosphere of starkly lit still lifes.
Prompt: Abstract, crystal-style eyes, woman's face with wavy haircut, stylized, highres, ultra-detailed, abstract crystal eyes, wavy haircut, woman's face, stylized, professional, artistic, abstract, detailed features
Prompt: zebra woman's face with colorful stripes on black and white, in the style of made of liquid metal, bold shadows, black-and-white photography, futuristic victorian, high quality photo, dramatic lighting, pattern explosion
Prompt: Psychedelic Illustration: A close-up of a woman's face, where her skin has the appearance of shiny liquid metal. The face features distinct black and white stripes, reminiscent of zebra patterns. The eyes are highly emotive, capturing a deep sense of emotion. The overall style is influenced by the vibrant and surreal nature of 1960s psychedelic art, with intricate patterns and bold contrasts.
Prompt: black and white striped face, in the style of chrome reflections, quantum wavetracing, uhd image, light bronze and dark blue, multimedia installation, futurist influences, selective focu in wide ratio
Prompt: Rendered image of a woman with Hispanic descent, her face artistically immersed in undulating, monochrome waves. The glossy, mirror-like textures on her features emphasize her beauty, while her deep-set eyes offer a stark contrast to her glowing skin.
Prompt: Digital art of a face painted in black and white hues, seamlessly blending with a striped backdrop, encapsulating a fluid, futuristic glam with pronounced shadows and layers.
Prompt: Pencil drawing in high-contrast realism style of a woman with open eyes. The image incorporates sculptural chaos, giving the appearance of a dynamic and intricate sculpture.
Prompt: A glossy, synthetic face is swathed in undulating black and white stripes. Its closed eyes and somber expression create a trance-like aura, as if lost in digital meditation.