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Pencil drawing in high-contrast realism style of a woman with open eyes. The image incorporates sculptural chaos, giving the appearance of a dynamic and intricate sculpture.
Pencil drawing in high-contrast realism style of a woman with open eyes. The image incorporates s... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1024Height: 1024

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Prompt: The image depicts a surreal, monochromatic visage of a woman submerged in wavy, fluid-like patterns. Her features are accentuated with glossy, reflective textures, and her eyes are dramatically darkened, contrasting against her porcelain ski in wide ratio.
Prompt: 3D render inspired by ZBrush techniques, showcasing a face in black and white set against a dynamically striped background, emphasizing fluidity and a porcelain-like texture.
Prompt: black and white striped face, in the style of chrome reflections, quantum wavetracing, uhd image, light bronze and dark blue, multimedia installation, futurist influences, selective focu in wide ratio
Prompt: Psychedelic Illustration: A close-up of a woman's face, where her skin has the appearance of shiny liquid metal. The face features distinct black and white stripes, reminiscent of zebra patterns. The eyes are highly emotive, capturing a deep sense of emotion. The overall style is influenced by the vibrant and surreal nature of 1960s psychedelic art, with intricate patterns and bold contrasts.
Prompt: A glossy, synthetic face is swathed in undulating black and white stripes. Its closed eyes and somber expression create a trance-like aura, as if lost in digital meditation.
Prompt: Intricate pencil drawing in black and white, where hands reach out from different directions, trying to grasp at swirling mists and shadows, capturing the essence of embracing the unpredictable nature of insanity.
Prompt: black and white, lines like a zebra, design, background, best quality, the facial portrait of a woman is integrated into the lines, it also consists of black and white lines. Only her beautiful blue eyes, red lips and short shaggy blue hair are shown in detail in color
Prompt: Fusion of Styles: An art piece that blends the techniques of psychedelic illustration with a modern touch. The woman's face, appearing as if molded from liquid metal, features bold black and white stripes. Her emotive eyes pierce through the viewer, capturing a myriad of feelings. The overall design incorporates elements of both surrealism and contemporary art, presenting the human form in an innovative and captivating manner.