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A glossy, synthetic face is swathed in undulating black and white stripes. Its closed eyes and somber expression create a trance-like aura, as if lost in digital meditation.
A glossy, synthetic face is swathed in undulating black and white stripes. Its closed eyes and so... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: The image depicts a surreal, monochromatic visage of a woman submerged in wavy, fluid-like patterns. Her features are accentuated with glossy, reflective textures, and her eyes are dramatically darkened, contrasting against her porcelain ski in wide ratio.
Prompt: 'face in the dark' image from the artist 'apollos tzavahniki', in the style of high-tech futurism, stop-motion animation, horizontal stripes, chrome reflections, light silver and dark navy, mind-bending patterns, futuristic robots
Prompt: The canvas captures a face where black and white come together in a dance of patterns, resembling flowing stripes. Swirling around the face are viscous trails of these contrasting colors. The face is adorned with standout makeup, featuring deep-colored lips and radiant eyeshadow.
Prompt: vector striped face emerge from the striped liquid
Prompt: 3D representation of a woman in a surreal environment, her face exhibiting black and white stripes, drawing inspiration from emotive distortions and the atmosphere of starkly lit still lifes.
Prompt: A 3D vector artwork that mimics the style and colors of the original image, showcasing the figure with defined facial features. The undulating vertical stripes, alternating between the original stark blacks and soft grays, envelop the design. The crimson bursts from the original palette accentuate the depth, emphasizing the hypnotic and elusive ambiance.
Prompt: black and white striped face, in the style of chrome reflections, quantum wavetracing, uhd image, light bronze and dark blue, multimedia installation, futurist influences, selective focu in wide ratio
Prompt: Close-up of a female head with flowing, striped hair, rendered in the style of abstraction-création. The hair is made of smooth, liquid metal, reminiscent of the works of Zaha Hadid. Render in stunning 8k 3D detail, with a focus on the figura serpentinata form.
Prompt: Digital art of a face painted in black and white hues, seamlessly blending with a striped backdrop, encapsulating a fluid, futuristic glam with pronounced shadows and layers.