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ape man
ape man [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: ape man
Similarity: Creative
Width: 768Height: 512
Seed: 716423712

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Prompt: Homo Habilis
Prompt: The most beautiful gorilla might have a thick, dense coat of fur that is shiny and well-groomed, with a distinctive pattern of dark and light hair. Their size and muscular build would be awe-inspiring, conveying a sense of strength and power. The gorilla's face might have a unique and striking shape, with large, expressive dark eyes and a prominent brow ridge that gives it a wise and dignified appearance.
Prompt: Apes evolve
Prompt: an hybride gorilla, mixed with a baboon, and a mandrill. aggresive, and more violent. jungle forest,
Prompt: ultra instinct chimpanzee
Prompt: Gorilla
Prompt: surreal mythical dreamy black and white fine art photo of a monumental sculpture bust of Harambe, rim light, cinematic, studio dramatic light, poetic, octane render, 8 k, photo - realistic, no eyes
Prompt: Professionally illustrated art of a monkey  from Halo standing front of a white background, intricate details, full-body portrait, headshot, HDR, 64K, highly detailed, bright sun rays, best version, handlebar mustache
Prompt: Gorilla
An hybrid ape, that is half chimp, half gorilla. 4k, realistic, with blood on its mouth.
Prompt: Gorilla
Prompt: Zoomed out wide angle view of Wild Ape-like creature leaping at the viewer in a green swamp, ready to attack, angry looking, epic anime portrait, beautiful 8k eyes, fine oil painting, intense, lunging at viewer, zoomed out view of character, 64k, hyper detailed, expressive, intense, aggressive, intelligent, covered in scratches and scars, golden ratio, precise, perfect proportions, vibrant, hyper detailed, dynamic, complementary colors, UHD, HDR, top quality artwork, beautiful detailed background, unreal 5, artstaion, deviantart, instagram, professional, masterpiece, in the style of magic the gathering