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globe NET

globe NET

Subject description

ape man
ape man [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: ape man
Similarity: Creative
Width: 768Height: 504
Seed: 937731476

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Prompt: A cyber gorilla in synthetic jungle. ultra detailed, ultra realistic, photorealism
Prompt: The most beautiful gorilla might have a thick, dense coat of fur that is shiny and well-groomed, with a distinctive pattern of dark and light hair. Their size and muscular build would be awe-inspiring, conveying a sense of strength and power. The gorilla's face might have a unique and striking shape, with large, expressive dark eyes and a prominent brow ridge that gives it a wise and dignified appearance.
Prompt: Gorilla de la Bastille boasts a muscular and robust physique, reminiscent of a gorilla. Its powerful arms and broad shoulders give it an imposing presence. The creature's fur is predominantly deep black, representing strength and elegance, with hints of blue and red, symbolizing the colors of the French flag.

Adorning its head is a magnificent crown made of intricate metalwork, reminiscent of the ornate crowns worn by French monarchs. The crown symbolizes the creature's leadership and connection to French culture and history. Its eyes shine with a vibrant blue hue, mirroring the spirit of liberty and equality.

As a tribute to the French Revolution, Gorilla de la Bastille carries a banner in its hand, displaying the iconic symbol of the French Revolution, the tricolor flag. This flag is a reminder of the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity that the creature embodies.

Gorilla de la Bastille is a guardian of justice and defender of the oppressed. It exhibits a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards its kin and those in need. The creature's powerful roars echo through the forest, acting as a rallying cry for others to stand up against injustice and fight for their rights.

Despite its imposing presence, Gorilla de la Bastille displays a gentle side as well. It is known to be nurturing towards its young and forms strong bonds with its family. The creature's intelligence allows it to communicate and interact with humans, promoting understanding and empathy.

Encountering Gorilla de la Bastille is a captivating experience. Its fusion of gorilla-like strength and French cultural elements creates a creature that embodies the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. It serves as a symbol of resilience, courage, and the ongoing fight for justice and freedom.
Prompt: surreal mythical dreamy black and white fine art photo of a monumental sculpture bust of Harambe, rim light, cinematic, studio dramatic light, poetic, octane render, 8 k, photo - realistic, no eyes