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Inside an old large library with a window and a crack of lightning in the background
Inside an old large library with a window and a... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1776066062
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Prompt: ,heavy rain, thunderstorm and lighting, empty street, eerie, hyper detailed, illustration, 4k 8kstreet in suburb, affluent neighborhood, rain, summer, Los Angeles
Prompt: Pink crackling lightning, techno strobe lights in a dark club venue with a black background
Prompt: Dark stormy bog with a lightning bolt that hits the ground
Prompt: high quality panoramic shot, (((low angle:1.25))), post apocalyptic world, a long road through the wasteland, Fields on the sides of, the road, desolate, digital illustration, dim vibrant colors, soft lighting, adventurous, atmospheric lighting, 8K, octane render, digital art, dark studio, dim lit
Prompt: A realy big storm with coloured lightninig
Prompt: evee touching a thunder stone to evolve while lightning hits in the background
Prompt: programming, operating system, soul of the computer, purple 	lightning, finely detailed, 4k, 8k, unreal engine, octane render
Prompt: I love circuits especially with lightning. Dark background and focused on the center
Prompt: night, city, rain, thunder, hyper realistic
Prompt: thunderstorm
Prompt: Vintage 35 mm, 
, red lightning breaks the night, heavy rain
Prompt: Crazy shit
Prompt: flash lightening strike
in forest
Prompt: Surrealism, surreal painting of turbulent and churning mass of dark gray and black, illuminated by occasional flashes of bright white lightning. Thick sheets of rain obscure your view of the lower regions of the cloud, while hailstones the size of golf balls rattle against the metal roof of the shelter you've taken refuge in, oil painting, rich dark ominous colors, fearful, wide angle lens, slow shutter speed
Prompt: Zeus striking down lightning while sitting on clouds
Once I reach the top of the roof I feel the cold strong winds against my skin blowing my hair around me like a tornado. I see all the other buildings with their lights on. I look up into the sky and I see the clouds, stars and the dark sky. 

As I walk towards the edge of the building I can see cars and people. I try to think why did my life end up like this and what could I have changed. Why am I the one on the edge of life and death in the form of this building? "In the end I couldn't change the cards I was dealt."
Prompt: night, city, rain, thunder, realistic.
Prompt: a man gazes down from an observation deck, as a storm rages in the distance
Prompt: flash lightening strike
at ocean
Prompt: A haunted mansion very big dark sky, lightning, scary, creative, realistic, HD
Prompt: image capturing the essence of a Heaven's Rebellion. Depict a turbulent night sky filled with menacing clouds, frequent flashes of lightning, and an overall atmosphere of chaos and upheaval. Integrate additional elements throughout this poster to enhance the theme. Scatter broken halos around the scene, and suspend shattered glass fragments in mid-air to further accentuate the sense of disarray and celestial conflict.
Prompt: Thunder wallpaper
Prompt: power of electricity
Prompt: evee touching a thunder stone to evolve while lightning hits in the background
Prompt: Lightning in the sky