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detailed_background,indoors,(limited_palette:1.... [more]

Negative prompt

By bad artist -neg badhandv4 nobg notxt verybadimagenegative_v1.3
By bad artist -neg badhandv4 nobg notxt verybad... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1500428479
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Prompt:   anime girl manhwa style cute and pretty, with eye pretty detailed,  slide of cake , with green hair, Bright style, Wear glasses , Lolita
Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), (1girl, ( 1girl, ((style of shomin sample),(hakua shiodome,(shomin sample),((masterpiece)),((best quality)),((ultra-detailed)),((high resolution)),((extremely detailed CG)),((unity 8k wallpaper)), ((8k)),((caustics)),((textile shading)),((super detailed skin)), ((perfect anatomy)),((detailed)),( detailed light,illustration, dynamic angle, depth of field, solo, tanned skin, (toned body,(flat chest, white blouse, black dress pants:1.3), short intricate hair, stray hairs, no bangs, reticent demeanor, pants, ruffles, foggy grey eyes, black hair, finely detailed, detailed face, toned face, beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed shading, beautifully detailed background, throne room, sfw, modest
Prompt: Sal Pan
Prompt:   anime girl manhwa style cute and pretty, with eye pretty detailed,  slide of cake , with black hair, Bright style, Detailed fingers
Prompt: kinjo/cute:) aesthetic slay
Prompt: kinjo/cute:) aesthetic slay
Prompt: anime art of a girl wearing colorful pastel frock, soft lighting, eating candy, bright colors, in a candy shop, brown hair, dreamy eyes
cute girl
Prompt: closeup portrait shot of an orange eye girl in maid dress, blue hair, orange eyes,, super detailed closeup portrait shot of a boy
Prompt: <mymodel> in beautiful Japanese Kimono, holding a cup, smiling, restaurant background, sitting at table
watercolor photorealistic soft, nervous, embarrassing, nervous smile, worried eyebrows, sweating, photorealistic, confused facial expression, child, short hair, school uniform, closeup portrait shot of a teenaged young girl, black hair, desks in background, detailed blue eyes,

side view medium close up portrait, looking from below,

photorealistic masterpiece best quality hyperdetailed flat color pastel mix ultra realistic hyperrealism 2.5D 1 very skinny beautiful girl hopeful, facing up, light smile, masterpiece best quality hyperdetailed white and black full body leather and cotton space suit, beautiful intricate anime blue eyes, beautiful hyperdetailed gloss lips, hyperdetailed flat color symmetrical contrast very short yellow white hair, hyper beautiful soft smooth skin,,

front yellow watercolor light, yellow light watercolor raytracing, yellow realistic watercolor lighting, yellow back light, yellow watercolor light,

space, glowing sunshine on face, yellow head lighting, yellow watercolor front lighting,

colorful, symmetrical, vibrant color, colorful ink illustration, digital painting, glamorous, vibrant, yellow,

album cover art, clean art, flat color art, 3D vector art, 3D illustration art, digital art, wallpaper, award winning,

hyper detailed sharp focus,perfect composition, good anatomy, extreme detailed CG, best quality, realism, intricate, 128K resolution, intricate details, extremely detailed, digital illustration, VRAY, unreal engine, octane render, unreal engine render, VRAY render,
Prompt: Cafe worker
Prompt: girl
Prompt: 1 girl,Black hair,sitting at the table,look at the window,four-leaf clover in hand
Prompt: <mymodel> in beautiful Japanese Kimono, holding a cup, smiling, restaurant background, sitting at table