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scene, divided down the middle, a clear 50:50 split. On one side are large, beautiful orange, red, and yellow boulders, jutting out of the ground, and along side are canyon like rocks to form a natural bidome. On the other side are a field of purple lilac flowers, with vibrant violet colors and a beautiful jungle --ar 3:2 --q 2 --upbeta --v 5.1
scene, divided down the middle, a clear 50:50 s... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 910Height: 606
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Prompt: beautiful painting of the grand canyon a night
Prompt: colorado in the future, landscape, anime style
Prompt: retro futurism styled desert with a fallen ancient city beneath it, dynamic pose, Comic style, heavily detailed, concept art, unique universe, Primary color hues, magical world, bright uplifting tones, dynamic lighting, snowing heavily
Prompt: the sky and sun are reflected with colorful mountains and domes, in the style of futuristic digital art, dark cyan and light crimson, escher-inspired, geomeric shapes, vibrant colorscape, stimwave, nightscapes
Prompt: superstition mountains, Arizona, hyperdetailed, proportional, romantic, enchanting, achingly beautiful, graphic print, trending on artstation, bob's burgers style
Prompt: pretty view of mountains in lake havasu city with cactus and certain indigenous plants in the foreground  in studio ghibli style
Prompt: Bob Ross painting of the Snowy Sedona Landscape at night.
Prompt: plateau landscape, red and white colors, cracked ground,  artistic, magic the gathering art style
Prompt: Sprauling forest with mountains and a river fantasy painting
Prompt: A shalow azur River flowing through a canyon and a horse with a cowboy on it drinking from the river
Prompt: taiga landscape, mountains, northern forest, artistic, magic the gathering art style
Prompt: Vibrant oil painting of a Mark Maggiori inspired Wild West landscape, rich textures and brushstrokes, warm earthy tones with pops of vibrant color, dusty desert plains with rugged mountains in the background, giant saguaro cactus in the midground, dramatic sunset warm golden light, high quality, oil painting, Wild West landscape, vibrant colors, dramatic sunset, textured brushstrokes, cowboy on a black horse as the center piece , desert plains, rugged mountains, warm earthy tones, professional, atmospheric lighting.
Prompt: Digital painting of a lush wet natural scene on an alien planet. Mid Autumn color pallet featuring bright orange, bright red, and golden yellow. A flowing river with light rapids leading a distant waterfall in the background.  Celestial starry sky.
Prompt: Real art of what life on a different planet in this universe looks like.
Prompt: concept art, hyperrealism, sandstorm filter, "Warlocks and Warriors" Sprague de Camp style, purple desert, jagged purple crag, red sky, sun rays
Prompt: a sunset with a cliff by Aenami, digital art trending on artstation
Prompt: Beautiful sunset between two mountains, ocean below, vibrant warm colors, high-quality landscape painting, oil on canvas, detailed water reflections, serene atmosphere, majestic sun setting, golden hour lighting, scenic view, peaceful ambiance, 4k, ultra-detailed, landscape painting, vibrant colors, oil painting, serene, majestic, golden hour, detailed reflections, high-quality
Prompt: A painting of a rock castle wall with towers and a portcullis. Carved into a canyon and located on the canyon floor. Heroic Fantasy.
Prompt: flat desert landscape realistic anime style
Prompt: rick and morty style landscape drawing
Prompt: Prompt

A sunset with clouds and relaxing background. The lighting and shading is asthetic and relaxing. A tall mountain on the right with a little bit of snow; there are bunnies on it, cold looking flowers and grass, tall spruce trees with a little bit of snow on top of them. On the left there is a medium height hill; it has green grass, flowers, oak and birch trees, bees, a small cave entrance with cool light coming out from it. In the middle there is a valley with flowers, grass, a little bit of oak trees and some horses. There is a little river flowing downhill from the right, it falls through a cascade to a small lake in the middle of the valley, with lilypads and water flowers on the lake. There are some birds flying far away, and some butterflies and fireflies flying far. a relaxing soothing feeling to the image. A lot of flowers everywere.
Prompt: Vast desert, beautiful water oasis, palm trees, dramatic lighting, explorer, fan art style
Prompt: taiga landscape, mountains, northern forest, artistic, magic the gathering art style