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The image portrays a monochromatic depiction of a woman's face and hands, intricately overlaid with geometric patterns. The web-like structures contouring her face give an impression of fragility and complexity. Her eyes, partially obscured by her hands and the web, convey a sense of introspection or contemplation.
The image portrays a monochromatic depiction of a woman's face and hands, intricately overlaid wi... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: geometric black and white dark woman background dark sky, jenny saville, edward hopper, surrealism, dark art by james jean, takato yamamoto, inkpunk minimalism, realistic colors, hyperrealistic, hdr, delicate detail, highly detailed, masterpiece, very beautiful, adorable, marvelous, exquisite, captivating, alluring, award winning, spectacular, trendy, polished, very cute, glorious, fabulous, excellent, astonishingDark colors, Alasdair McLellan, digital painting; Crown over the head, by Daniel Merriam, Nikolina Petolas, Peter Gric, Dariusz Klimcza full colors, hair backlighting, back lighting, volumetric lighting, 8K, perfect eyes, perfect pupils, expressive eyes, hands by Albrecht Durer, smoke, particle fx, mist, fog, fire, explosions, debris
Prompt: 3d face emerge from spider web
Prompt: Pencil drawing in high-contrast realism style of a woman with open eyes. The image incorporates sculptural chaos, giving the appearance of a dynamic and intricate sculpture.
Prompt: Monochromatic drawing of an elderly African woman's face and hands. Geometric patterns contour her face, suggesting complexity. Her introspective eyes peek out from behind the patterns.
Prompt: Vivid wide representation of a woman's face, reconstructed in 3D leveraging fractal artistry. The scene resonates with the themes of melancholic symbolism, with the visage akin to fractured stone sculptures. It's pieced together in a puzzle-inspired manner, exuding humanistic empathy, all set against a black and white backdrop, with certain elements appearing draped or in a slumped posture.
Prompt: Wide ratio image capturing the essence of a woman of Hispanic descent, her face artistically fractured and blended with a rock, emphasizing metallic etherialism, cracked visuals, highly stylized figures, and complemented by rusty debris.
Prompt: 3d entites emerge in the style of highly detailed realism, noir comic art, dramatic diagonals, contemporary chicano, grid formations, masterful shading, twisted
Prompt: Wide image of a 3D-reconstructed woman's face using fractal techniques. The portrayal is steeped in the essence of melancholic symbolism. The face resembles cracked stone sculptures, assembled from puzzle-like segments. The artwork conveys humanistic empathy in a stark black and white palette, with elements appearing slumped or draped.