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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 1024Height: 576

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Prompt: A haunting scene of sith temple, portrait of Sith Lord in a sith outfit (glowing eyes:1. 2), Staggering through a dark, abandoned temple, (shadows:1. 1) lurking in corners, Tattered remains of dead robes, anxious atmosphere, 8k, Gruesome details, unsettling, cinematic, mysterious, captivating, anxious, post a war, 8k, concept art, trending on artstation
Prompt: "fantasy painting with a wizard in red robes in a surreal environment by greg rutkowski and michael whelan w 1 0 2 4"
Prompt: dark black lone wanderer in the foreground; huge tower of trials in the background; light on top of the tower
Prompt: <mymodel>space, dark and eerie atmosphere, detailed and intricate demonic figures, hellish landscape, 4k resolution, Dan Seagrave style, ominous red and black tones, haunting and otherworldly lighting, infernal architecture, highly detailed, dark fantasy, infernal circles, demonic creatures, intricate details, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: The edge of the abyss haunted by ash and shadows and nothingness, detailed scene, digital painting, hyperrealistic, fantasy, Surrealist, by Brian Froud and Stanley Artgrem Lau, artstation, highly detailed, sharp focus, wide angle shot, mystical, stunningly beautiful, dystopian, grey, black, cinematic lighting, dark
Prompt: Charles van Sandwyk, Masamune Shirow, Surreal, mysterious, strange, fantastical, fantasy, Sci-fi, Japanese anime, the madness of seeing, baroque aesthetics and the archeology of the gaze, love and death, the terror of sensuality, the lustful, shuddering, burning gaze of madness, creating the original baroque image in the taboo of sensibility. The “look'' that shoots me away to the end of myself and into the labyrinth of memory Alice, a beautiful blonde miniskirt girl staring directly at the viewer, perfect voluminous body, detailed masterpiece
Prompt: Gothic city of the Necro、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、It's a testament to its haunting beauty and creepiness,A testimony of civilization's deep reverence for death and the afterlife. Its architecture incorporates a dark aesthetic, intricate designs, And the mystery of the afterlife. Below is a visual description:
As you approach the Gothic Necropolis City, You will be greeted by a vast metropolis enveloped in eternal twilight. Dark clouds loom overhead, Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、Face that is、It casts an ethereal glow on the pale and translucent buildings of the city. Cityscape in a desolate landscape, Towering spires, Ornate arches, Complex bridges spanning gaps between buildings.
The building itself is、It is a mixture of Gothic and necromancy styles. turrets, minaret, Buttresses adorn the structure, Reach for the sky like a skeleton's fingers. These structures are mainly made of darkness, emissive material,It seems to absorb and emit a dim glow, otherworldly glow. The architecture combines grandeur and melancholy, It reflects the duality of the relationship between the dead and the dead.
Mausoleum-style mansion: The dwellings of the city resemble mausoleums, Sculpture depicting an arched entrance and death scene, Leutentic, And cosmic energy. Balconies and terraces are decorated with stone carvings,It seems to come to life in the ever-changing twilight, Cast eerie shadows on the street below.(length hair)、(Red Dress Mini Skirt Type)、(Silhouette of a woman with long legs)