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vikas gupta

vikas gupta


"fantasy painting with a wizard in red robes in a surreal environment by greg rutkowski and michael whelan w 1 0 2 4"
"fantasy painting with a wizard in red robes in a surreal environment by greg rutkowski and micha... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 15870682

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Prompt: <mymodel>space, dark and eerie atmosphere, detailed and intricate demonic figures, hellish landscape, 4k resolution, Dan Seagrave style, ominous red and black tones, haunting and otherworldly lighting, infernal architecture, highly detailed, dark fantasy, infernal circles, demonic creatures, intricate details, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: ultra detailed fantastical landscape, style: Robert S. Duncanson painting, subject: wizard walking down a path close to camera wearing dark robes, tall wizard staff, subject looking at horizon, obsidian tower, there's a sunset on horizon but a bad storm cell rages ahead, light rays, bokeh. octane render, trending in artstation, deviantart.
Prompt: A <mymodel> a concept environment art landscape 

of a gloomy and somber 
charred lava field

with a lustrous towering divine monolith ark made of white and blue marble full of golden ornaments 

with it's reflections shedding flaring volumetric light shafts throughout the darkness 

of a threatening sinister vulcanic wasteland 

engulfed by a smoggy wildfire carbon cloud 

, a stunning Alphonse  Mucha masterpiece in vintage art deco brutalism artstyle by Anders Zorn and Joseph Christian Leyendecker 

, neat and clear tangents full of negative space 

, ominous dramatic lighting with macabre somber shadows and highlights enhancing depth of perspective and 3D volumetric drawing

, colorful vibrant painting in HDR with shiny shimmering reflections and detailed contrasting ambient occlusion
Prompt: Dark Fantasy