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checkerboard vector entities::1 emerge
checkerboard vector entities::1 emerge [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1376Height: 864
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Prompt: image of a person walking through a tunnel made of tubes, in the style of detailed facial features, technological marvels, robotic motifs, zbrush, silver and black, presentation of human form, serene faces
Prompt: checkerboard vector entities::1 emerge
Prompt: vector layers of interweaving aliens
Prompt: a computer head in a futuristic way, in the style of dark navy and silver, jessica drossin, marvel comics, thiago valdi, 32k uhd, rafał olbiński, airbrush art
Prompt: entities are being transformed into intricate patterns of scan lines
Prompt: portrait of the midjourney AI, photo-realistic, hyperdetailed, intricate details, colorful
Prompt: eanimation on an 8bit background, in the style of surrealist visionary, painterly lines, tokina opera 50mm f/1.4 ff, playful caricature, black and white contrast, swirling vortexes, projection mapping
Prompt: Illustration with a fantasy theme, presenting a humanoid figure whose matte gray skin seems to glow faintly. The dark eyes, large and expressive, hold a galaxy of stories. The face is adorned with intricate patterns of gold and silver, so detailed they seem to pulsate with life. Rising from the forehead is a crown, not just of wires, but of liquid metal that twists and turns, capturing the essence of both fluidity and rigidity. The neck, a testament to both nature and machine, is a nexus of metal tubes, each with its own personality. Against this, the background stands subdued, a canvas of muted dark shades.
Prompt: Illustration capturing the essence of a jinxian girl, her face highlighted with futuristic makeup and a robotic headgear. The backdrop and her attire feature Aztec art influences, and the color palette is a blend of light bronze and dark black, aiming for realism.
Prompt: conveyor belt of human souls in the dmt space driven by machine elfs
Prompt: a andorid female robot in a dress with some gold parts over the face, in the style of robotic motifs, solarizing master, hyper-realistic details, ultra hd, dark and intricate, machine-like precision, serene faces
Prompt: Render of a cybernetic face where human features are enhanced by intricate gold and metal designs, contrasted with sections of black and white striped patterns. The background's light bronze and dark blue tones emphasize the face's merger of human emotion and technological artistry.
Prompt: An artistic raw photo of a girl with a checkerboard pattern rising from a checkerboard patterned liquid. The wide ratio image should have an artistic flair, with emphasis on the dramatic interplay of light and shadow over the patterns.
Prompt: Imagine a world where humans and machines have become one. Illustrate a portrait that embodies this fusion, capturing the essence of both realms in harmony.
Prompt: a andorid female robot in a dress with some gold parts over the face, in the style of robotic motifs, solarizing master, hyper-realistic details, ultra hd, dark and intricate, machine-like precision, serene faces
Prompt: high intricate porcelain baroque stunning curvy body, face of Mini Diva, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, Unreal Engine 5, 8K, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha, bloomed
Prompt: the comic for cyborg city 'dark future', in the style of psychedelic portraits, precise, detailed architecture paintings, teal and bronze, realistic human figures, neo-classical symmetry, precisionist art, light blue and orange
Prompt: Realistic inner workings of The Infinite Mind
Prompt: a digital painting of a woman's face, inspired by tomasz alen kopera, psychedelic art, dan mumford and peter mohrbacher, portrait of a robot shaman, whose mind is pure machinery, orange skin. intricate, fractal biomech, convoluted, beeple and james jean, intricate 3 d illustration, a beautiful artwork illustration
Prompt: high tech futuristic female in futuristic outfit 3d illustration, in the style of black and gold, dreamlike portraiture, hans zatzka, 8k resolution, matte photo, mechanized precision
Prompt: vector dreams, surrealism contemporary art
Prompt: insect lady by geidi, in the style of anime, poolcore, ocean academia, silver and gray, nightcore, bulbous, surrealist absurdity
Prompt: Wide image of photorealistic women's portraits, inspired by surreal visuals and 3D renderings. The style employs a paint dripping method, with dominant hues of gray and aquamarine. The backdrop reveals a detailed underwater realm, infused with panfuturist ideals, art nouveau flowing patterns, and fluid geometric forms. The artwork exudes the charm of freehand painting.
Prompt: Photorealistic image of a close-up of a humanoid with matte gray skin and deep-set black eyes. The face is intricately decorated with patterns made of silver and gold metals resembling circuits. A crown composed of coiled metallic wires projects from the forehead. The neck appears mechanical with a mesh of metal tubes. The backdrop casts a subdued dark hue.
Prompt: 3d rendering of a technological woman jdlg, in the style of dark and intricate, made of insects, close-up intensity, asaf hanuka, intel core, gray and gold, les automatistes