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What is "Gomen Yui" ? Also when it first come from ? First let's talk about Yui Kusano, she's Original Princess Connect Heroine from Priconne that already discontinue and now change into Princess Connect ReDive so basically before Gourmet Edifice become the main guild in ReDive Twinkle Wish is pretty much the main guild In Real Life When Yui was in middle school, she was often bullied and ostracized by her peers, being either harassed or completely ignored by her classmates during social activities and group projects. Almost resigned to living her life in solitude, Yuuki reached out to her and was the only person to accept her. Yui was overjoyed and they remained as friends till the present day in Tsubakigaoka Private High School. Yui remains as classmates with Yuuki in high school, sitting to the right of his seat. In high school, she is a well-respected member of the class. She has managed to befriend many of her classmates such as Djeeta and even the reclusive Rin. Over the years, Yui develops a crush on Yuuki and often confides in her best friend and fellow classmate Makoto about her feelings. Makoto or Makoto Aki is Yui Childhood Friend and Classmate in High School one of her line when Yui asked for her help is "All right! This is the moment when your childhood friend steps in to help!" And promise her that she will help Yui to capture Yuuki heart As story goes on rather get Yuuki to fall for Yui it become Makoto who fall for Yuuki instead and she become closer to Yuuki because she also love him. And the finale is in Maho Maho Kingdom (Story Event) where they become intimate and Makoto say "Gomen, Yui" knowing she fall in love to Yuuki and saying sorry that she can't root for Yui anymore cause she also fall herself With that event come many Priconne doujin especially with Makoto Aki usually have "Gomen, Yui" catchphrase
What is "Gomen Yui" ? Also when it first come f... [more]
Model: Eimis Anime Diffusion
Width: 768Height: 456
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 658452439

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Prompt: best quality, 
loli breast
focus ass
shadow of contempt on the upper part of the face,
furuashi fumino
bokuten anime
focus chest,
white long-sleeved shirt with dark red ribbon on the neck,
pigtails in front past the shoulders,
fat thighs
yellow eyes
seductive pose
steam near armpit
blue hair,
park background,,
pupils down
look down
small erect nipples
marked obliques
long straight hair with short bangs
look of smyle superiority
smile superiority 
superiority smyle eyes
look of contempt
Curious eyes
hd 4k,
marked curves,
red blushed,
sexy style
big thighs
big butt
exposed belly button,
big thighs,
seduce eyes,
asanagi style,
sexy eyes,
big round eyes, , 
unreal engine 5,
((perfect female body, narrow waist))
thick thighs,
best quality, 
best quality face
best quality body
best quality skin
best quality eyes
ultra-detailed eyes
falt color, 
depth of field,
1girl, anime, 
looking at viewer,
detailed skin texture, 
detailed cloth texture, 
beautiful detailed face, clothes
Prompt: (20mm), (masterpiece), (best quality:0.75), overexposure, (detailed face and eyes), (close to viewer:0.3), 1girl, (megumin:1.2), eat ice cream, ice cream, outdoors, pastel colors, dessert, smiling, happy, pink, blue, green, yellow, white
Prompt: (Caleb male brown hair) and (Haley, blonde hair,  wearing a Japanese school uniform) on a date, under the cherry blossom trees
Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), 1girl, solo, tanned skin, (womanly body, white blouse, dark brown shorts:1.3), curly hair, stray hairs, fluffy bangs, playful demeanor, shorts, ruffles, foggy black eyes, dark brown hair, finely detailed, detailed face, toned face, beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed shading, beautifully detailed background, rainstorm
Prompt:  2 girl with      messy  ponytails hair,  eyes, and    magic protruding teeth, wearing at night looking at fireworks
  pretty  2025  in revaling clothes
  perfect lighting feminie features perfect  cute perfect face  girl sparkles    cute shading  cute  hair up furturistic   2025  playing ir perfect shading
Prompt: Anime girl as friend
Prompt: anime portrait of catgirl, anime eyes, beautiful intricate hazel hair, shimmer in the air, symmetrical, in re:Zero style, concept art, digital painting, looking into camera, square image
watercolor photorealistic soft, nervous, embarrassing, nervous smile, worried eyebrows, sweating, photorealistic, confused facial expression, child, short hair, school uniform, closeup portrait shot of a teenaged young girl, black hair, desks in background, detailed blue eyes,

side view medium close up portrait, looking from below,

photorealistic masterpiece best quality hyperdetailed flat color pastel mix ultra realistic hyperrealism 2.5D 1 very skinny beautiful girl hopeful, facing up, light smile, masterpiece best quality hyperdetailed white and black full body leather and cotton space suit, beautiful intricate anime blue eyes, beautiful hyperdetailed gloss lips, hyperdetailed flat color symmetrical contrast very short yellow white hair, hyper beautiful soft smooth skin,,

front yellow watercolor light, yellow light watercolor raytracing, yellow realistic watercolor lighting, yellow back light, yellow watercolor light,

space, glowing sunshine on face, yellow head lighting, yellow watercolor front lighting,

colorful, symmetrical, vibrant color, colorful ink illustration, digital painting, glamorous, vibrant, yellow,

album cover art, clean art, flat color art, 3D vector art, 3D illustration art, digital art, wallpaper, award winning,

hyper detailed sharp focus,perfect composition, good anatomy, extreme detailed CG, best quality, realism, intricate, 128K resolution, intricate details, extremely detailed, digital illustration, VRAY, unreal engine, octane render, unreal engine render, VRAY render,
Prompt: Caleb (brown hair) and (Haley, blonde hair,  wearing a Japanese school uniform) on a date, under the cherry blossom trees
Prompt: Caleb (brown hair) and (Haley, blonde hair,  wearing a Japanese school uniform) on a date, under the cherry blossom trees