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Dr. Mohammed Al-Shabander

Dr. Mohammed Al-Shabander


Watercolor painting of a modern house in Baghdad designed in Bauhaus style, sunlight casting dramatic shadows across the angular facades, lush green foliage framing the structure, warm hues of gold and beige dominating the palette, architectural sketch by hand, incorporating elements of light and shadow for a dynamic daytime effect, volumetric, ultra realistic.
Watercolor painting of a modern house in Baghdad designed in Bauhaus style, sunlight casting dram... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1145210292

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Prompt: Modern house in Baghdad illustrated in classical Iraqi architectural style, envisioned through a night-time setting, the design sketched by hand with a pencil, nuances of light effects softly dancing off the structure will be discussed, keywords: pencil sketch, modern architecture, classical Baghdad style, night view, subtle lighting effects, artistic interpretation, architectural design, authentic, Baghdad constructions, precision sketching, free-hand drawing, night-time
Prompt: Watercolor illustration of a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired modern house in Baghdad, Iraq, showcasing freehand sketching with dappled daylight casting soft shadows across the facade, highlighting architectural design elements, natural light, ultra fine detail, volumetric lighting effects, golden ratio composition.
Prompt: Modern house in Baghdad, architectural design, spacious interior, contemporary luxury, high-quality rendering, realistic, warm tones, natural lighting, sleek furniture, open floor plan, large windows, skyline view, detailed landscaping, modern art, luxury living, high-res, 4k, contemporary, spacious, luxurious, realistic, warm tones, natural lighting, sleek design, architectural, skyline view, modern art, detailed landscaping, open floor plan
Prompt: Ultra luxury residence, single storey, organic spatial configurations, hybrid boxy and liquid like facade, near riverside with lush forest at the background, hints of Brutalist Architecture, at night with ambience warm lighting.
Prompt: a modern house with a lot of windows and plants in front of it and a sidewalk leading to the front door, concrete art, vray render, a digital rendering
Prompt: Architectural Design, Modern Style in Baghdad-Iraq, House design, Bauhaus Style, Elevation, Real Colors, Light and Shadow, creative design