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spiritual circuitry of the human mind
spiritual circuitry of the human mind [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 816Height: 1456
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Prompt: "cyberpunk character profile by Agostino Arrivabene hyperdetailed, blend of human and mythical creatures, stunning, perfect life-death dichotomy, By Beeple, by Kahluta, By Greer, By Moebius
Prompt: holographic ai overlord worldmind
Prompt: Illustrate an abstract image depicting the concept of transhumanism. Blend organic shapes in human-like colors with geometric shapes in metallic hues, representing the fusion of humanity and technology.
Prompt: a computer head in a futuristic way, in the style of dark navy and silver, jessica drossin, marvel comics, thiago valdi, 32k uhd, rafał olbiński, airbrush art
Prompt: "2/3 body portraite, metal golem with holographic parts , silver skin, glowing forge background, filigree Japanese Art calligraphy ornats, 8k resolution beautifully detailed illustration mixed media trending popular on artstation detailed Greg Rutkowski H.R. Giger, Tim Burton detailed painting gouache"
Prompt: Hot versus cold, glitchy god, diamond chains, digital art, epic battle scene, high contrast, glitch art, futuristic, intense lighting, godlike figures, glowing eyes, diamond encrusted chains, surreal, high quality, glitch art, cyberpunk, diamond chains, intense lighting, surreal, futuristic
Prompt: liquid metal anime AI worldmind, beautiful face, technological implants, advanced technology, grid, wires, circuits
Prompt: the head and shoulders of a metallic man, in the style of futurism influence, 8k 3d, stripes and shapes, machine aesthetics, exaggerated facial features, captivating gaze, idealized beauty in wide ratio
Prompt: a graphic illustration showing the face of a synthetic woman, in the style of surreal robotics, uhd image, mind-bending murals, shiny eyes, dark teal and white, 8k resolution, daz3d