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a computer head in a futuristic way, in the style of dark navy and silver, jessica drossin, marvel comics, thiago valdi, 32k uhd, rafał olbiński, airbrush art
a computer head in a futuristic way, in the sty... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1024Height: 1024
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Prompt: a futuristic android face in a circuit concept, in the style of illusory hyperrealism, bold, black lines, neo-academism, scott adams, digital as manual, data visualization
Prompt: high tech futuristic female in futuristic outfit 3d illustration, in the style of black and gold, dreamlike portraiture, hans zatzka, 8k resolution, matte photo, mechanized precision
Prompt: a andorid female robot in a dress with some gold parts over the face, in the style of robotic motifs, solarizing master, hyper-realistic details, ultra hd, dark and intricate, machine-like precision, serene faces
Prompt: Subject: 
Cybernetic space fairy eating a left-over bone.
Dark digital canvas

Science Fiction
Cosmic Horror
Body Horror
Heavy Metal Visuals

Artistic Style:
Dramatic, directional lighting
Deep shadows
Detailed subjects
Beautifully illustrated forms
Dramatic scenery

Visual Elements:
Fine black line detailing
Expressive and fluid black outlines
Clean variably weighted strokes
Flat block coloring, shading, and highlighting
Modest color distortion and smooth colour shifting

Artistic Style:
Detailed subjects
Distinctive subject design
Beautifully illustrated forms
Dramatic scenery

Color Palette:
Triadic background color scheme
Expanded foreground color scheme
Vibrant dynamic dark colors
Unusual warm and cold color choices
Deeper color values

Loose unconventional framing
Visual clarity
Storytelling emphasis
Scene drama
Panoramic view
Dynamic Poses
High quality
Sharp focus
Full scene
Filmic aesthetics
Hierarchy design 
Positive shapes, and negative space
Pattern, rhythm, unity
Masterpiece quality
Prompt: Artistic photo render illustrating a close-up of a humanoid figure of Asian descent in a cybernetic ambiance. Her face reveals intricate jewelry designs and advanced electronic interfaces. An intense gaze captures the viewer's attention, while her skin radiates a blend of earthly and neon undertones. Surrounding her, cascading digital rain and shimmering lines enhance the futuristic atmosphere.
Prompt: <mymodel>a hyper realistic award winning digital illustration, full body shot of a beautiful half humanoid half cyborg female, porcelain white skin with sections of transparency that reveals circuitry and wires understand, her eyes have surreal astral scenes in them, her hair it made up of mechanical snakes with eyes going down the entirety of their bodies, a serene surreal astral environment as the background, surreal dream like atmosphere, digital glitches randomly distributed throughout the illustration
Prompt: Photorealistic image of a close-up of a humanoid with matte gray skin and deep-set black eyes. The face is intricately decorated with patterns made of silver and gold metals resembling circuits. A crown composed of coiled metallic wires projects from the forehead. The neck appears mechanical with a mesh of metal tubes. The backdrop casts a subdued dark hue.
Prompt: 3d rendering of a technological woman jdlg, in the style of dark and intricate, made of insects, close-up intensity, asaf hanuka, intel core, gray and gold, les automatistes
Prompt: liquid metal anime AI worldmind, beautiful face, technological implants, advanced technology, grid, wires, circuits