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Blue hair Supervillainess hypnotic bimbo <mymodel>
Blue hair Supervillainess hypnotic bimbo <mymodel> [more]

Negative prompt

Nfsw [more]
Model: 3903bd7e-d916-4b15-aa2d-defadea37d21
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 40
Seed: 2451027511

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Prompt: HD 4k 3D, hyper realistic, professional modeling, ethereal invincible Greek warrior goddess, purple ombre hair, pale freckled skin, gorgeous face, gorgeous nature armor, rustic jewelry and headpiece and weapons, full body, ambient glow, invincible nature warrior goddess, landscape, detailed, elegant, ethereal, mythical, Greek, goddess, surreal lighting, majestic, goddesslike aura
Prompt: Green hair Supervillainess hypnotic bimbo <mymodel>
Prompt:  blue  short hair Supervillainess <mymodel>
Prompt: full body pinup of an elf female dungeons and dragons ranger with black hair and with cute face, perfect composition,, by j. scott campbell and boris vallejo and alex ross,  graffiti art, splash art, street art, spray paint, oil gouache melting, acrylic, high contrast, colorful polychromatic, ultra detailed, ultra quality, CGSociety, depth of field, 3d render
Prompt: Blue hair Supervillainess hypnotic bimbo <mymodel>
Prompt: Supervillainess hypnotic bimbo <mymodel>
Prompt: HD 4k 3D 8k professional modeling photo hyper realistic beautiful  woman ethereal greek goddess of thunder
green blue and purple hair olive skin gorgeous face shining silver armor shield silver jewelry cloudy headpiece fairy wings full body surrounded by ambient glow hd landscape power of mighty thunder and clouds
Prompt: Green hair Supervillainess hypnotic bimbo <mymodel>