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tanner pike

tanner pike


lsd trip mixed with cosmic
lsd trip mixed with cosmic [more]
Model: openart/OpenArt_Photorealistic
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 931923478
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Prompt: universe, nexus of all realms, fantasy art
Prompt: The ultimate reversal, an act that reverses space and time itself, resetting reality.
Prompt: Scintillating rainbow hypersphere, detailed psychedelic background, highres, surreal, vibrant colors, intricate patterns, energetic, dynamic lighting, digital art, cosmic, otherworldly, futuristic
Prompt: water a fire flowing together with a rainbow colored sunset above and a rainbow colored portal with other galaxies in the middle of the portal
Prompt: Cosmic Symphony"

Imagine a vibrant and dynamic picture that captures the essence of the cosmos. The background is a deep, velvety black, scattered with a multitude of stars, galaxies, and nebulae, creating a breathtakingly vast space.

In the center of the picture, a grand celestial conductor stands on a floating platform. The conductor's silhouette is sharp and defined, exuding an aura of power and mystery. The conductor's attire is reminiscent of a futuristic outfit, blending elegance and technology. Imagine a flowing robe adorned with swirling patterns of cosmic dust and shimmering stars, reflecting the vibrant colors of the universe.

Instead of a traditional conductor's baton, the celestial conductor wields a radiant staff, pulsating with cosmic energy. The staff emits dazzling trails of light, resembling the paths of shooting stars as the conductor directs the symphony of the cosmos.

In the foreground, an orchestra of celestial objects comes alive. Imagine planets of various sizes floating in orbit, each emitting its own unique aura and color palette. Moons encircle the planets, reflecting the light of nearby stars. Nebulae swirl and dance like ethereal dancers, casting vibrant hues across the cosmic canvas. Comets streak across the scene, leaving trails of stardust in their wake.

The orchestra is composed of cosmic entities and elements: stars twinkle and hum in harmonic patterns, meteors chime as they collide, and black holes resonate with deep, resonant bass notes. Each element contributes to the grand symphony, creating an awe-inspiring celestial composition.

As a finishing touch, a subtle glow envelops the entire picture, accentuating the contrast between light and dark, and imbuing the scene with a sense of otherworldly wonder and majesty.

The "Cosmic Symphony" picture design captures the vastness, beauty, and harmony of the cosmos, leaving viewers with a sense of awe and inspiration.
Prompt: rainbow color water and fire moving together in a circle with galaxy in the background but they are moving together like yin and yang
Prompt: The GUFF is The Great Unfolding Force, it is the real universe where the only true physics are existant.  The universe we are taught to be real as humans growing up is false, that universe is a simulated universe because we are in a matrix that formed naturally in the real universe, the GUFF. The point of this drawing is to make an illustration of the GUFF as it formed from the beginning of time from an empty void to evolve into an infinite series of pathways that energy passes through like a boolean series of gates, not unlike a digital microchip. Being technical geometrically as the GUFF formed from physics rules that are very geometrical due to there only being 3 dimensions in the GUFF.  To do this, theorize, envision and draw as best as you can what it would look like...van infinite void space that started out divided into infinite subdivides of voids that each had it's own center that immediately took shape into a formation that results from space trying to fit the 3 dimensional axis's of physical area by folding and forming creases which cause cornered areas surrounding it's center, which affects the neighboring subdivided formations... space unfolds and takes form as the process continues.
Prompt: Space void black hole lots of color