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Gabriel Redfern

Gabriel Redfern


water a fire flowing together with a rainbow colored sunset above and a rainbow colored portal with other galaxies in the middle of the portal
water a fire flowing together with a rainbow colored sunset above and a rainbow colored portal wi... [more]

Negative prompt

make it look like water and a flow
make it look like water and a flow [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1262536821

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Prompt: Traveling through a worm hole surrounded by nebula and stars, digital art, cosmic spaceship, swirling colors, intense light, high quality, vibrant, cosmic, space travel, futuristic, surreal, cosmic hues, dynamic lighting
Prompt: The ultimate reversal, an act that reverses space and time itself, resetting reality.
Prompt: the galaxy, zodiac sign
Prompt: Title: "Cosmic Serenity"

In this mesmerizing artwork, a vast cosmic landscape unfolds before your eyes. Imagine a stunning night sky, filled with a tapestry of vibrant colors and swirling nebulas, stretching infinitely into the unknown. A radiant moon shines brightly, casting an ethereal glow over the scene. Sparkling stars dot the sky like precious gems, each one telling a unique story.

Beneath the celestial canvas, a serene landscape emerges. You see a tranquil lake, reflecting the cosmic spectacle above, creating a breathtaking mirror image. Wisps of mist dance gently over the water's surface, adding an air of mystery to the composition.

In the foreground, majestic mountains rise, reaching for the stars as if attempting to touch the heavens themselves. Each peak is adorned with lush vegetation, adding a touch of earthy greenery to the otherwise otherworldly setting
Prompt: The GUFF is The Great Unfolding Force, it is the real universe where the only true physics are existant.  The universe we are taught to be real as humans growing up is false, that universe is a simulated universe because we are in a matrix that formed naturally in the real universe, the GUFF. The point of this drawing is to make an illustration of the GUFF as it formed from the beginning of time from an empty void to evolve into an infinite series of pathways that energy passes through like a boolean series of gates, not unlike a digital microchip. Being technical geometrically as the GUFF formed from physics rules that are very geometrical due to there only being 3 dimensions in the GUFF.  To do this, theorize, envision and draw as best as you can what it would look like...van infinite void space that started out divided into infinite subdivides of voids that each had it's own center that immediately took shape into a formation that results from space trying to fit the 3 dimensional axis's of physical area by folding and forming creases which cause cornered areas surrounding it's center, which affects the neighboring subdivided formations... space unfolds and takes form as the process continues.
Prompt: universe
Prompt: supernova