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AI, create an image that symbolizes the synergy between technology and art, showcasing the harmony of innovation and creativity. Incorporate elements of futuristic tech and abstract artistry. Use a vibrant color palette that represents the limitless possibilities of AI-powered art.
AI, create an image that symbolizes the synergy... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1840192937
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Prompt: A colorful woman face abstract painting made up of geometric shapes
Prompt: AI please create a self portrait. Use your number 1 favorite color and let it be highly detailed using the image to image photo as a kind of background. I like you better as a female.
Prompt: Electronic artwork by the planet's premier digital creator, inspired by abstract geometric fantasies, misted paint effects, calm countenances, mesh layout, rich turquoise and ivory tones, striking silhouettes, female motifs
Prompt: A portrait of a person created entirely from pixelated geometric shapes in vibrant neon colors.
Prompt: a colorful face in space with a face shape, in the style of op art optical illusion, dark teal and light orange, layered lines, sunrays shine upon it, use of vintage imagery, flowing lines, mind-bending sculptures
Prompt: Futuristic cyberpunk-inspired 8-bit makeup, blending pixelated aesthetic with neon colors and holographic effects, featuring glowing lines, holographic projections, and dynamic lighting effects that change with movement, creating a fusion between retro gaming and advanced technology
Prompt: poster in the style of vectorheart. vector graphics abstract. motive is a womans face, hyper realistic
Prompt: Glitch,, hyper realistic, HD, highly detailed
Prompt: Design an abstract portrayal of AI and human symbiosis. Utilize a mix of organic and geometric shapes in harmonious colors, signifying a peaceful coexistence of biology and technology.
Prompt: the woman has glowing eyes in futuristic space, in the style of graffiti-inspired illustrations, slender
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)) ((photorealistic)), Portraiture, ((((Generative)))), (((Neo-expressionism))), (((Augmented Reality))), (((Abstract))), ((Ethereal)), ((Futuristic)), ((Minimalist)), ((Vibrant)), Surreal, Cyberpunk, Glitch Art.