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Đức Lê Công

Đức Lê Công


A female MC, face focus, at the office desk
A female MC, face focus, at the office desk [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1143146716
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Prompt: black business woman in office working with computer
Prompt: white woman in age of 19-25 in workplace with some wrinlke and spot on face
Prompt: African American woman in a modern office setting, realistic 3D rendering, professional attire, contemporary office decor, high quality, modern, realistic, business professional, detailed facial features, empowering pose, natural skin tones, professional lighting, highres, ultra-detailed, office, contemporary, modern setting, realistic 3D rendering, business attire, detailed facial features, professional, empowering, natural skin tones, realistic lighting
Prompt: a business person sitting in an office looking happy
Prompt: An African CEO gazing at a spreadsheet