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African American woman in a modern office setting, realistic 3D rendering, professional attire, contemporary office decor, high quality, modern, realistic, business professional, detailed facial features, empowering pose, natural skin tones, professional lighting, highres, ultra-detailed, office, contemporary, modern setting, realistic 3D rendering, business attire, detailed facial features, professional, empowering, natural skin tones, realistic lighting
African American woman in a modern office setting, realistic 3D rendering, professional attire, c... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1128214294

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Prompt: black business woman in office working with computer
Prompt: Ďraw a computer and a black lady doing AI cashflow masterclass, includes $9.25 as the cost of  registration and 12th March as date of training.
Prompt: Animated video of Futuristic Black Female Teacher
Prompt: supermodel, african american, looking at camera, using eyeglasses, straight hair, fashion, happy
Prompt: Create a digital artwork depicting an Afro-American woman exuding confidence and professionalism in a lavender suit. She wears stylish glasses that accentuate her focused demeanor. This woman is a symbol of strength, grace, and intelligence, embodying the essence of a true businesswoman who thrives in her field without succumbing to drama.

Scene: The setting is a sleek and modern office space. The woman is seated at a polished desk, surrounded by the trappings of a successful career. A business journal lies open before her, filled with notes and ideas that showcase her dedication to her craft. In the background, hints of a bustling city skyline suggest the urban landscape where she navigates the business world with poise and determination.

Mood: Empowering, sophisticated, and professional.

Additional Elements:

Ensure the woman's facial expression reflects her confidence and focus.
Incorporate subtle hints of lavender throughout the scene to emphasize the theme.
Highlight the contrast between the woman's calm demeanor and the dynamic energy of the business world around her.
Prompt: young woman in beige suit at office
Prompt: Caribbean financial professional female in her mid 20s. Black hair, teal and orange suit,glasses,
Prompt: young woman in beige suit at office
Prompt: The host standing confidently in a modern office or a home office setup. The environment is bright and organized, showcasing success and positivity. The host is smiling, reflecting on their journey.
Prompt: A professional portrait of an African black girl, high-resolution, realistic portrait, detailed facial features, sleek business attire, modern office setting, elegant and professional, natural skin tone, realistic lighting, high-quality digital portrait, confident expression, focused and determined, professional attire, modern businesswoman, realistic textures, detailed hair, realistic skin tones, professional lighting, highres, detailed eyes, modern office, professional, confident, elegant
Prompt: create a photo that reflects a woman feeling financially empowered
Prompt: An African CEO gazing at a spreadsheet
Prompt: young woman in beige suit at office
Prompt: Realistic 3D photo quality full body frontal image of a 25 year old woman, Afro ethnicity, dark ebony skin, black hair with long braids, gray eyes, thin black eyebrows in a sad position, small upturned nose, big lips and fleshy, sad and melancholy expression, round, small and beautiful face, medium height, athletic and curvaceous body, thin waist, high neckline, thick thighs and large read, with unbuttoned white dress shirt and small black skirt and black heels, office at the background with meeting table and chairs and bookshelves, panoramic windows. The woman is sitting in a chair with her hands on the table and with a crying face. She is in front
Prompt: A beautiful brown woman around 150 pounds with engaging, expressive eyes and long, lush eyelashes gives an engaging look as she prepares to give a training class. Her hair is styled in voluminous hazelnut colored waves, framing her face perfectly as she prepares to give her speech. She is wearing a pair of delicate, dangling earrings, which add a touch of elegance to her professional attire. The woman is clad in a stylish top and black blazer. Her manicured nails are painted with a sparkling design, emphasizing her graceful hands. She is standing at the front of an aesthetically pleasing board room with a smart board behind her and windows along the side of the room that look out on a beautiful cityscape. 16:9 Ratio
Prompt: A female MC, face focus, at the office desk
Prompt: Anime of Futuristic Black Female Teacher with thick dreadlocks and glasses
Prompt: a powerful and confident Modern African woman in her 20's.  She has a beautifully relaxed tapered pixie haircut, cocoa brown skin, with warm tones. her eyes reflect kindness and fierce determination. She is dressed in professional attire that exudes both style and authority - well-fitted hunter green trousers, a crisp white blouse. her accessories are minimal yet very elegant with medium pearl earrings and a delicate necklace.  Her posture is confident and commanding: she stands tall with her shoulders back. she is in an environment that reflects her in a college setting with a STEM graduate.
Prompt: 8k hi-res hd detailed digital photography, Gorgeous ultra-muscular 40 year old columbian goddess with long strawberry-blonde straight loosely braided ponytail, long muscular legs and huge busom. wearing black & white pinstripe business attire and 8 inch stiletto high heel shoes. Displaying her bum in an office smiling. Focus on long muscular legs and defined muscles. Ultra-realistic,  ultra-detailed.
Prompt: Black Female Property developer
Prompt: Illustration cartoon character A Black African American woman with curls in her hair. She have her nails painted and her pointer finger on her lip while she in a confident pose.