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Bilal Ahmad

Bilal Ahmad


Create an image where a doctor's lab coat is made up of intricate codes and symbols related to pharmaceuticals. This can symbolize the doctor's deep understanding of the science behind your products.
Create an image where a doctor's lab coat is made up of intricate codes and symbols related to ph... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 375121531

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Prompt: Consider a background that blends medical imagery like a stethoscope, heartbeat line, or medical equipment with elements of data science such as data visualization charts, binary code, or circuit patterns. You could overlay text that combines both fields, like "Bridging Medicine and Data Science" or "Exploring the Intersection of Healthcare and Analytics." This combination visually represents your expertise in both areas and can catch the attention of professionals in both fields.
Prompt: A 1000x750 image showing a human doctor standing happily.
Prompt: Potrait of doctor with high quality and white coat and little smile in cinematic background, detailed facial features, cinematic,35 mm lens, f/1.8 accent lighting, global illumination - uplight -v 4 4
Prompt:  doctor

Prompt: Doctor
Prompt: Generate an image of a friendly doctor in his 40s, sitting at his desk in his consulting room. He is facing the camera with a smile, wearing a stethoscope around his neck and a doctor's coat. The lighting is solid and the image ratio is 2:3. medium shot, smiling face expression, closed mouth, mimimal head size within the image 200 X 200 pixels, good ans solide lighting, size up to 10 MB, , no face occlusions.
Prompt: Generate a young doctor photo with full frame
Prompt: a kind and smart doctor answering a question