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Generate an image of a friendly doctor in his 40s, sitting at his desk in his consulting room. He is facing the camera with a smile, wearing a stethoscope around his neck and a doctor's coat. The lighting is solid and the image ratio is 2:3. medium shot, smiling face expression, closed mouth, mimimal head size within the image 200 X 200 pixels, good ans solide lighting, size up to 10 MB, , no face occlusions.
Generate an image of a friendly doctor in his 4... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 751669141
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Prompt: A doctor is searching for information
Prompt: doctor and nurse and patient
Prompt: personalized medicine, doctor gives medications to patient without generalizing medicine
Prompt: an image of a woman meditating and a doctor watching and making notes on a notepad.
Prompt: generate me a doctor chatting politely with his patient showing some pills on his desk
Prompt: high resolutions 3d image of a handsome male doctor sitting at his desk discussing his patient's health
Prompt: Diverse group of healthcare professionals united to serve the patient
Prompt: Doctor wearing face mask, commercial, city background, widescape
Prompt: Generate a young doctor photo with full frame
Prompt: Medical student girl with dark blond hair, green eyes that enjoys party, shopping, coffee, dogs in the style of Rembrandt van Rijn
Prompt: a happy funny veterinarian technician, standing in the middle of a pet clinic with happy pets and owners in the background
Prompt:  doctor

Prompt: A realistic doctor with patient sharp image
Prompt: Potrait of doctor with high quality and white coat and little smile in cinematic background, detailed facial features, cinematic,35 mm lens, f/1.8 accent lighting, global illumination - uplight -v 4 4
Prompt: Generate a young doctor photo with full frame
Prompt: "full body view of a beautiful and lovely female doctor, uniformed , with a  mol! Full body view. She has a nice iniskirt,  Her hair up style, and is thick, wavy and silked; she has large eyelashes and big mouth.  . SHE wears a white coat, and a stethoscope.brown silk bombshell fishnet g-world lace embroidery bodycon suit with   diamonds. fantasyasy sci-fi art by Luis Royo and  Sorolla. baroque fantasy, great windows on the high, the girl has a big chest, the girl has heart-shaped bum and rounded buttocks,  vivid colors,  luxury life, penrose patterns, holographic effects,she  has one leg slightly behind the other one, 
 volumetric lighting, occlusion, Unreal Engine 5 128K UHD Octane, fractalized, fBm, mandelbrot, moebius strip"
Prompt: a kind and smart doctor answering a question
Prompt: Male Nurse as a lawyer setting on desk reading a legal case, self confidence, eye catching,
Prompt: Realistic portrait of a 35-year-old japan male medical doctor, working before a laptop, plump face with stubble, wearing a doctor's gown and glasess, handsome, serene expression, realistic style, intelligent
Prompt: Show professional health care workers collaborating on an interdisciplinary team
Prompt: Create an image where a doctor's lab coat is made up of intricate codes and symbols related to pharmaceuticals. This can symbolize the doctor's deep understanding of the science behind your products.
Prompt: Doctor
Prompt: Doctor
Prompt: Doctor
Prompt: smiling veterinary technician, talking on the phone and typing on keyboard, 4k, futurism art style