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galore of faces melting moving as liquid
galore of faces melting moving as liquid [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1024Height: 1024

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Prompt: Illustration in candycore theme showcasing a person's face with vibrant colors, smoke emanating from their eyes surrounded by an abstract environment, emphasizing emotion.
Prompt: galore of faces melting moving as liquid
Prompt: embossed metallic psychdelic interconnected brain
Prompt: A digital render of a head formed from a maze of cables, set against a backdrop of psychedelic motifs. The cables shimmer with body-paint-like patterns, and the entire scene is accentuated with bold and radiant lines.
Prompt: Vibrant and surreal Technicolor dreamworld, abstract shapes, contrasting colors, mesmerizing dreamscape, high chroma, surrealistic, psychedelic, otherworldly, ethereal, detailed and intricate, vibrant color contrasts, high quality, dreamy atmosphere, abstract art, professional, vivid and contrasting, surreal aesthetic, intense and diverse color palette, intricate patterns, mesmerizing, vibrant and surreal, dreamlike, high quality
Prompt: galore of faces melting moving as liquid
Prompt: In vivid colors, a 3D figure emerges, radiating the brilliance of technological advancements. The facial expression stands out, showcasing intricate details. With styling cues from Daz3D, the figure intricately merges human anatomy with technological circuitry patterns. The presence of computer-aided manufacturing nuances enhances the overall design, imbuing it with symbolic depth.
Prompt: multi metal colored psychedelic pattern with a Europe man and woman full body, 4k, open eyes, artistic, impressive, beautiful,, high contrast, striking shadows, abstract