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galore of faces melting moving as liquid
galore of faces melting moving as liquid [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1024Height: 1024

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Prompt: alienated abstraction looking curious at me
Prompt: galore of faces melting moving as liquid
Prompt: galore of faces melting moving as liquid
Prompt: embossed metallic psychdelic interconnected brain
Prompt: 3d digital photography design for a woman's head, in the style of swirling colors, split toning, hyper-realistic oil, flowing lines, detailed character illustrations, colorful mindscapes, matte photo
Prompt: A digital render of a head formed from a maze of cables, set against a backdrop of psychedelic motifs. The cables shimmer with body-paint-like patterns, and the entire scene is accentuated with bold and radiant lines.
Prompt: Illustration in candycore theme showcasing a person's face with vibrant colors, smoke emanating from their eyes surrounded by an abstract environment, emphasizing emotion.
Prompt: a female head sculpture inspired by an ancient statue, in the style of colorful turbulence, solarization effect, hyperrealistic illustrations, fluid and flowing lines, intricate body-painting, psychological phenomena illustrations, dreamlike illustration
Prompt: 3D render capturing a woman of the future, illuminated by neon art nouveau motifs. Her look, embellished with cybergoth facets, contrasts strikingly against a magewave-themed backdrop. The scene pulsates with vibrant hues and labcore technological artifacts, marrying art and future in one frame. --ar 16:9 --style raw --sref --stylize 250