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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 4096Height: 6144
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Prompt: Virtual Glasses, VR, Oculus Quest 2, Kid, best quality, 8k
Prompt: Someone immersed in a VR headset exploring a digital landscape.
Prompt: Human on smartphone, futuristic, head explodes of all technology into colors,
Prompt: detailed portrait Neon guitar, sugar skull makeup, cyberpunk futuristic neon, reflective, decorated with traditional Japanese ornaments by Ismail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski Alexandros Pyromallis Nekro Rene Maritte Illustrated, fine details, realistic
Prompt: Futuristic cyberpunk-inspired 8-bit makeup, blending pixelated aesthetic with neon colors and holographic effects, featuring glowing lines, holographic projections, and dynamic lighting effects that change with movement, creating a fusion between retro gaming and advanced technology
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)) ((photorealistic)), Portraiture, ((((Generative)))), (((Neo-expressionism))), (((Augmented Reality))), (((Abstract))), ((Ethereal)), ((Futuristic)), ((Minimalist)), ((Vibrant)), Surreal, Cyberpunk, Glitch Art.
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)) ((breathtaking)) ((photorealistic)), Surreal, Vibrant, Ethereal, Minimalist, Abstract, Futuristic, Cyberpunk, Neo-expressionism, Glitch Art, Generative, Photorealistic, Augmented Reality.
Prompt: ((high-quality))%20((high-detail))%20((highly-detailed))%20((photorealistic)),%20Portraiture,%20((((Generative)))),%20(((Neo-expressionism))),%20(((Augmented%20Reality))),%20(((Abstract))),%20((Ethereal)),%20((Futuristic)),%20((Minimalist)),%20((Vibrant)),%20Surreal,%20Cyberpunk,%20Glitch%20Art.
Prompt: a person wearing vr goggles, futuristic landscape scene in front of them, black background, landscape scene expanding outwards from the head, illustration style, orange and pink colour scheme
Prompt: The image is a 3D render depicting a detailed portrayal of a female cyborg. Her face and neck are seamlessly integrated with intricate machinery and tech components. A large, sophisticated headset rests on her head, featuring various dials, lenses, and buttons. The background shows an array of robotic parts, bathed in a neon pink and teal hue, creating a futuristic atmosphere.
Prompt: woman connected to virtual reality, hyperrealistic, future, dancing in the metaverse, dark, ominous
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)) ((photorealistic)), Portraiture, ((((Generative)))), (((Neo-expressionism))), (((Augmented Reality))), ((Ethereal)), ((Futuristic)), ((Minimalist)), ((Vibrant)), Surreal, Cyberpunk, Glitch Art.
Prompt: an augmented female with a transparent suit with visible skin, with futuristic glasses,
portrait, Long shot, wide angle, 24mm lens, implants, high details, realistic , dark lighting, professionally colour graded, photorealism, 8k
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)) ((photorealistic)), Portraiture, ((((Generative)))), (((Neo-expressionism))), (((Augmented Reality))), (((Abstract))), ((Ethereal)), ((Futuristic)), ((Minimalist)), ((Vibrant)), Surreal, Cyberpunk, Glitch Art.
Prompt: Someone immersed in a VR headset exploring a digital landscape.
Prompt: Create a wide-format image inspired by the given image, featuring a futuristic female android with a glossy, reflective surface. She is wearing a high-tech helmet with a visor, which has a sleek, curved design that wraps around her head. The android is equipped with sophisticated, noise-cancelling headphones that have a robust, cushioned over-ear design. The background should be a digital cyberspace environment, glowing with neon blue lights and abstract digital elements, simulating a high-speed data stream. The atmosphere should convey a sense of advanced technology and cybernetic enhancement, with sparkling light effects and intricate circuit-like details in the surroundings.
Prompt: a designer with a futuristic headwear mask, where the body matches the design and style of the head, without visible hands, in the style of cubo-futurism, retrowave, high-resolution photography, quirky cartoonish characters, sculpture-based photography, dark orange and turquoise in wide ratio
Prompt: digital illustration of a person with VR glasses experimenting with the virtual world pastel colors
Prompt: synthwave, tokyo cityscape, retrowave, neon, synthwave, vaporwave, ,Whole body. Full Figure, from distance. nightime cityscape background.HDR, 64K,high quality portrait of a hyperdetailed  ultra-realistic, 3d lighting, perfect composition,8k octane, 3d
Prompt: Photo of a person in a neon virtual reality suit and white shirt dancing, showcasing a vibrant color palette with stark contrasts between light and dark regions.
Prompt: The augmented reality world pulsed with glitched cybernetic entities
Prompt: 3D render showcasing a female cyborg of African descent. Her face and neck blend with advanced tech parts. A futuristic headset with multiple lenses, dials, and buttons adorns her head. Robotic components float in the neon pink and teal background.
Prompt: anthropomorphic video glitches in the style of analog video fx
Prompt: futuristic cyberpunk girl wearing silver angel armor and silver vr helmet
Prompt: illustration of person with vr goggles opening onto a magnificent scene around their head