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3D render showcasing a female cyborg of African descent. Her face and neck blend with advanced tech parts. A futuristic headset with multiple lenses, dials, and buttons adorns her head. Robotic components float in the neon pink and teal background.
3D render showcasing a female cyborg of African... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: In a vivid setting, present an android head in detailed profile. Its smooth, pale blue exterior skin gives way to reveal a mesmerizing array of circuits, gears, and tech components. The internal machinery, complex and fascinating, stands out brilliantly against a luminous pink background.
Prompt: Delving deeper into the concept, a captivating face with a blend of African human features and mechanical components surfaces from a maze of gleaming circuits and conduits. The eyes are even more pronounced, with the cool-toned skin juxtaposed against a mix of organic curves and intricate machinery.
Prompt: A.i. Goddess, risqué  6k resolution
Prompt: Create a hyper-realistic 3D render of a futuristic android with a humanoid face and complex features. The android should have a polished, segmented helmet with a bright orange and black color scheme, embellished with circular patterns and protruding spherical nodes. It should have intense, dramatic eyes with stylized makeup and metallic orange lips to complement the helmet's color. The android's neck and shoulders should appear constructed from a flexible mesh with hexagonal openings, hinting at the sophisticated machinery beneath. The backdrop should feature an array of swirling, concentric curves in alternating dark and bright orange, enhancing the three-dimensional effect and giving an illusion of depth and motion.
Prompt: An abstract photo of a human head shaped like intricate computer circuitry, bathed in a neon glow, reminiscent of psychedelic artwork and neon realism. The skin appears as if it has been meticulously body-painted with vibrant colors and patterns.
Prompt:  image of woman with wires on her head, in the style of cybernetic sci-fi, dark silver and dark black, afrofuturism, intricate costumes, algorithmic artistry, 8k resolution, exaggerated facial features
Prompt: electro swing female android robot --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 250 --v 6
Prompt: Create a futuristic portrait of an advanced humanoid robot. The robot is adorned with a complex network of silver and gold wires forming an intricate circuitry pattern across the head and neck, resembling a high-tech crown. These wires should be set against the robot's smooth, matte black skin. The robot's eyes are a deep, glowing blue, with a sharp gaze that exudes intelligence and depth. The background is a subtle gradient from dark to light grey, focusing all attention on the robot, which is a blend of elegance, power, and advanced technology. The artwork should have a hyper-realistic quality, with a balance of shadow and light that highlights the textures and materials, making it appear tangible.
Prompt: AI imagination
Prompt: Artistic macro photo render capturing intricate details on the face of a humanoid figure of African descent in a futuristic setting. The close-up reveals ornate jewelry, electronic interfaces, and vibrant skin patterns. Her eyes radiate intensity, and a mix of natural and neon hues play across her skin. Cascading digital rain and illuminated lines add depth and a cybernetic touch to the composition.
Prompt: Future cyborg , Ultra realistic, with Lights and colorful background
Prompt: Photorealistic portrait Futuristic Robot , Intricately detailed, 8k resolution, artby Rene Cuvos Nam Das
Prompt: 3D render of a futuristic woman's face crafted from metallic materials. The color palette emphasizes gold and azure. The high-detail design incorporates fragmented advertising elements, with the overall image showcasing emotion and artistry rather than strict realism.
Prompt: 3d rendering of a technological woman jdlg, in the style of dark and intricate, made of insects, close-up intensity, asaf hanuka, intel core, gray and gold, les automatistes
Prompt: Girl with robot body parts connected to wires, with a band-aid, smoking a cigarette, bright haircut, futuristic clothes, beautiful artistic anime style
Prompt: By allowing artificial intelligence to expand upon my thoughts and ideas, something unique and beautiful can emerge
Prompt: Digital art of a mechanized woman's face, beautifully detailed in gold and azure hues. The backdrop features fragmented advertising visuals, and the entire composition leans towards expressing emotion, contrasting with the hard edges and metallic forms.
Prompt: The image is a 3D render depicting a detailed portrayal of a female cyborg. Her face and neck are seamlessly integrated with intricate machinery and tech components. A large, sophisticated headset rests on her head, featuring various dials, lenses, and buttons. The background shows an array of robotic parts, bathed in a neon pink and teal hue, creating a futuristic atmosphere.
Prompt: RETRO, NEO SURREAL, ALTERED STATE,  VERY DETAILED AND INTRICATE, low brow, by chet czar, Android Jones and beeple, trending on artstation, 8k, 3d, VRAY, HD, synthwave style, amazing, biomechanical cyborg giant, futuristic, artificial intelligence, singularity, futurism, digital, binary, alluring, sleek
Prompt: art & design|abstract art|abstract art wall art|abstracts wall art | computer desktop wallpapers | photo wallpapers | 3d, in the style of whimsical cyborgs, realistic hyper-detailed portraits, dark silver and indigo, afrofuturism, human connections, strong facial expression, realistic hyper-detailed rendering
Prompt: a girl with a robot head for cyber world, in the style of cyberpunk realism, vibrant, high-energy imagery, valentin rekunenko, 32k uhd, oil portraitures, stylized realism, close up
Prompt: Human on smartphone, futuristic, head explodes of all technology into colors,
Prompt: art & design|abstract art|abstract art wall art|abstracts wall art | computer desktop wallpapers | photo wallpapers | 3d, in the style of whimsical cyborgs, realistic hyper-detailed portraits, dark silver and indigo, afrofuturism, human connections, strong facial expression, realistic hyper-detailed rendering
Prompt: 3D render capturing a woman of the future, illuminated by neon art nouveau motifs. Her look, embellished with cybergoth facets, contrasts strikingly against a magewave-themed backdrop. The scene pulsates with vibrant hues and labcore technological artifacts, marrying art and future in one frame.
Prompt: Wide digital art of a face, adorned with black and white stripes, capturing the essence of high-tech futurism. The backdrop showcases video feedback loops intertwined with chrome reflections, giving the illusion of a three-dimensional puzzle. Robotic elements are subtly incorporated into the design.
Prompt: futuristic concept art illustration, pixel art, in the style of technological marvels, teal and silver, photorealistic pastiche, surreal robotics, villagecore, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, celestialpunk