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skeleton with a curly afro, sunglasses, star, video glitches, cinema4d, mosaic, ansin, cyberpunk
skeleton with a curly afro, sunglasses, star, v... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1024Height: 1024
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Prompt: a woman in a deep sea environment wearing feathers, starry glasses, in the style of intricately sculpted, concept art, azure, ethereal trees, uhd image, vibrant illustrations
Prompt: neon color fixation
Prompt: 3d illustration of an insane human being, in the style of rachel ruysch, whimsical grotesque, victor nizovtsev, subtle expressions, 32k uhd, solarpunk, emphasizes emotion over realism
Prompt: 3d photo effects for photoshop/film/video with image, in the style of bold, pop art inspired ing, light turquoise and dark orange, cristina mcallister, robotic motifs, close up, object portraiture specialist, technocore
Prompt: skeleton with a curly afro, sunglasses, star, video glitches, cinema4d, mosaic, ansin, cyberpunk
Prompt: an image of a girl having her face lighted up and sunglasses on, in the style of futuristic chromatic waves, neon realism, highly detailed figures, veronika pinke, jim lee, electric, futuristic retro
Prompt: Digital art, splash art, dark souls vibes, horror, neon light, colorful, galaxy background, portrait, woman, cosmonaut, skull, despair, tears, lost in space, detailed
Prompt: A portrait captures a woman, her face bathed in neon luminescence. Her braided hairstyle and round sunglasses are highlighted, with tints of orange, pink, and blue casting radiant reflections. Delicate crystalline embellishments are spotted near her neck, contrasting against a backdrop that fades from deep purple to a mysterious blue.
Prompt: Hypnotic hologram illustration of an open mouthed skull floating in space, hypnotic psychedelic art by Dan Mumford,  vibrant, dribbble, quantum wavetracing, dark glow neon paint, black background, behance hd
Prompt: Create a wide image that simulates a high-quality 3D render of a futuristic female figure with an innovative, dynamic hairstyle that resembles a complex structure made of shimmering blue materials. She should be wearing oversized, reflective sunglasses showcasing a nebula or starfield. The skin should appear metallic and glossy, like polished chrome, with a hint of blue to complement her overall color scheme. In the background, include ethereal, bioluminescent organisms resembling jellyfish, floating in a deep space setting. This digital artwork should have a strong sense of depth and realism, with meticulous attention to the reflective surfaces, lighting, and shadows to enhance the 3D rendered effect.
Prompt: skeleton with a curly afro, sunglasses, star, video glitches, cinema4d, mosaic, ansin, cyberpunk
Prompt: goddess close-up portrait skull with mohawk, ram skull, skeleton, thorax, x-ray, backbone, jellyfish phoenix head, nautilus, orchid, skull, betta fish, bioluminiscent creatures, intricate artwork by Tooth Wu and wlop and beeple. octane render, trending on artstation, greg rutkowski very coherent symmetrical artwork. cinematic, hyper realism, high detail, octane render, 8k
Prompt: Raw photo of a futuristic woman, draped in glistening, iridescent clothing and ornaments. Her expansive sunglasses, intricately designed, mirror a grid pattern that also appears in her backdrop. The attire seamlessly blends with the radiant digital shades, while her vivid red lips stand out as a stark contrast amidst the spectrum of colors.
Prompt: A skull with mesmerizing, swirling eyes stands amidst a digital storm of vibrant colors, ranging from neon pinks to deep purples. Sharp, fragmented lines and scattered rectangles dance around, creating a sense of movement and disarray. The skull grins, its teeth white against the chaotic backdrop.
Prompt: Futuristic-biomechanical illustration of a skull wearing headphones, metallic and organic textures, glowing neon accents, high-tech cyberpunk setting, intricate wiring and circuitry, eerie and surreal atmosphere, highres, ultra-detailed, cyberpunk, biomechanical, futuristic, glowing neons, intricate details, eerie atmosphere, skull, headphones, metallic textures, organic textures, advanced lighting
Prompt: Craft a 3D render of a futuristic female face in a cyberpunk style. The face should be illuminated by vibrant neon lights, with sharp contours and high contrast to enhance the three-dimensional effect. The sunglasses should be sleek, with reflective lenses that suggest a high-tech, digital environment. The colors should be rich and saturated, with deep oranges and contrasting blacks to create a dramatic, visually striking effect. The hair should appear to have individual strands, adding to the realistic 3D texture, and the background should be subtly lit to keep the focus on the face. The image should give the impression of a sophisticated, high-resolution 3D model, with a focus on realism and depth.
Prompt: art neon neon illustration by lgbtglorious, in the style of dark orange and light gold, wildstyle, hyperrealistic portraiture, 32k uhd, lyon school, dark reflections, detailed line-work
Prompt: skeleton with a curly afro, sunglasses, star, video glitches, cinema4d, mosaic, ansin, cyberpunk --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 250 --v 6
Prompt: newbluefacewithpowerfullights, in the style of colorful caricature, hypnotic, realistic anatomies, machine aesthetics, teethcore, human emotions, ray tracing
Prompt: Artistic photo render of a woman in colorful costume wearing an array of glasses and jewelry, in the style of cyberpunk futurism, dramatic use of lighting, mosaic-inspired realism, indian pop culture, chromepunk, fashionable opulence, queencore in wide ratio
Prompt: Wide render of a 3D person of Hispanic descent with maze-like designs on their forehead, blending the themes of interference patterns and neon-lit art nouveau. The strong facial expression is the highlight amidst the symmetrical surreal surroundings.