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Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes


Fantasy style painting of a dragon octopus
Fantasy style painting of a dragon octopus [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 220732970

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Prompt: A fantasy translucent enormous cthulu that is glowing, growling, ink pouring from its body, underneath the ocean, beneath the stars, bioluminescent, terrifying, horrifying, creepy,  highres, best quality, concept art
Prompt: CTHULHU with a huge huge ARMY OF OCTOPUSES behind are ATTACKING a steampunk, SUBMARINE. The submarine is attacking cthulhu witch bright purple laces, 
The fight is taking place inside enormous deep beneath the ocean with GLOOMY LIGH, 
Humans in steampunk diving suits are fighting the octopus army and the octopuses army are attacking the men in the divingsuits,
Deep sea creatures, Deep sea corals, Enormus, huge, battle scenario, H.R. Giger,
Prompt: very detailed, glam metal, shiny metal reflective underwater transparent translucent, ghostly runepunk Octopus, sequins, pointillism, in the room, rain,
Prompt: Cthulhu attacking Nautilus submarine in deep ocean cave, gloomy lighting, submarine shooting lasers, millions of octopus, underwater fantasy, detailed tentacles, intense action, high-res, dark fantasy, gloomy lighting, detailed submarine, menacing atmosphere, dramatic lighting, detailed octopus army, fantasy art, deep-sea adventure
Prompt: Cute magical floating octopus mage, medieval fantasy art style, vibrant color palette, whimsical details, high quality, detailed tentacles, mystical, blue illuminating magical swirls, glowing eyes, enchanting, whimsical, magical, medieval fantasy, vibrant colors, floating, mage, professional, atmospheric lighting, mages robes
Prompt: Realistic underwater scene of an octopus with detailed, iridescent tentacles, shades of blue and purple, high quality, soft lighting, oceanic setting, detailed underwater environment, cool tones, detailed eyes, professional, atmospheric lighting