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Xtrim Graphix

Xtrim Graphix

Subject description

Walking with a lion in the jungle
Walking with a lion in the jungle [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: Walking with a lion in the jungle
Similarity: Very creative
Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 1048219811

Original image

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Prompt: Cartoon drawing of a lion, vibrant colors, playful and friendly expression, jungle setting, detailed fur with lively texture, high quality, cartoon style, vibrant tones, jungle lighting
Prompt: 3D Lion looking mean and roaring on top of a mountain, the full body must show
Prompt: Realistic illustration of a majestic white lion, detailed rock formation, African savanna backdrop, high quality, ultra-realistic, detailed fur, intense gaze, rocky terrain, wildlife, very high rock, safari, warm tones, professional, natural lighting, lion in distance, white lion
Prompt: lion,  UHD, HDR, 8K, RPG, UHD render, HDR render, 3D render cinema 4D, cinematic light, high res intricately detailed complex background night time bright stars in the sky and full moon in Africa
Prompt: Cartoon style illustration of a majestic male lion, radiant sunlight, lush savanna backdrop, vibrant and warm color palette, detailed mane with golden highlights, confident and regal expression, high-quality, detailed fur, cartoon, vibrant colors, detailed mane, savanna landscape, radiant sunlight, confident expression, highres, warm color palette, vibrant, professional lighting
Prompt: Brave and powerful realistic lion, sunny African savanna, high quality, realistic, warm tones, detailed mane, intense gaze, majestic, wildlife art, detailed grass, vibrant colors, realistic lighting, at sunset.