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Joel Hearne

Joel Hearne


Deep sea fantasy creatires
Deep sea fantasy creatires [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 768Height: 576
Scale: 8Steps: 48
Sampler: Seed: 632504514

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Prompt: Cthulhu attacking Nautilus submarine in deep ocean cave, gloomy lighting, submarine shooting lasers, army of octopuses, underwater fantasy, detailed tentacles, intense action, high-res, dark fantasy, gloomy lighting, detailed submarine, menacing atmosphere, dramatic lighting, detailed octopus army, fantasy art, deep-sea adventure
Prompt: Deep sea fantasy creatires
Prompt: A wide shot, from the bottom of the ocean with large mysterious creatures swimming around intimidatingly, with a lot of claustrophobic elements. Unspecified creators
Prompt: Under water civilization
Prompt: Highly detailed fantasy planet landscape, clouds, stars, planets, waterfalls, nebulae, mystical, light shafts, massive storm cell on horizon, ancient trees, magenta-pink, green-cyan, dark-magenta, electric-blue, trending on artstation, beautiful, tonemapping, fantasy art, digital painting, hyperrealism, hyperdetailed, landscape, photorealistic, dramatic lighting, ray tracing, path tracing, vibrant, full shot
Prompt: The underworld. Extreme fantasy
Prompt: "Imagine an AI-powered artist exploring the depths of a cosmic ocean. Through strokes of digital paint, it brings to life undiscovered sea creatures and vibrant underwater worlds that have never been seen before. Show me the masterpiece it creates as it unveils the mysteries of this imaginative aquatic realm."