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Tami Rutan

Tami Rutan

Width: 512Height: 704
Seed: 491844515

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Prompt: dark fantasy landscape
Prompt: Mystical elven city overlooking a vast crevasse which in circles a den of dragons purple and glowing in color.
Prompt: dark landscape portrait of a lush magical fantasy valley between mountains, blue river flowing between forests, blue crystal rocks jutting out of the ground, stone pillars, enormous cave entrance, castle in background, nighttime, white fluffy clouds, beautiful wildflowers cover the ground, waterfall, (backlighting), realistic, masterpiece, highest quality, ((intricate armor)), fantasy forest in background, ((excited)), lens flare, shade, bloom, ((light sparkles)), [chromatic aberration], by Jeremy Lipking, by Antonio J. Manzanedo, by (Alphonse Mucha),
Prompt: Envision a civilization near a glowing waterfall in a lush forest. Fantasy, another dimension. Hyperrealistic, UHD, HD, 8K, houses, beautiful, highly detailed
Prompt: Double exposure; high-angle view deep underground, in a vast cavernous space full of towering structures, smooth, otherworldly rock encrusting in crystals, surfaces adorned with intricate carvings that glow with an ethereal light; waxy_purple_amber_green , detailed, futuristic, photorealistic, maximalist; Makoto Shinkai, J.C. Leyendecker, ilya Kuvshinov, Royo, Karol Bak, Alphonse Mucha, Jordan Grimmer, Greg Rutkowski
Prompt: Highly detailed video game level design, Fantasy planet landscape with ship and moon, clouds, stars, planets, waterfalls, nebulae, mystical, purple, pink, blue, trending on artstation, beautiful, colorful, fantasy art, digital painting, hyperrealism, hyperdetailed, landscape, photorealistic, psychedelic, radiant,  vibrant, Has trees and an island, abandoned ship, has a mountain in the background, simple layout, full shot