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Made by: Anime character
Character: Young elf king with long black hair , dark eyes and pointy ears Style: GhibliExpression: Cautious
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Seed: 1324861754

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Prompt: bare-chested male wood elf sorcerer with brown hair and green eyes wearing an ornate bathrobe
Prompt: A forest elf with gray skin white hair blue eyes a green hood and cloak
Prompt: a female elf with brown hair .holding a daggers standing near a river 4k high quality wearing green elvish clothes,grey eyes with a orc dead near her braids in hair,looks serous,,high detailed,griffens,night,moon shining,lord of the rings
Prompt: 1 teenage male elf twink, weeping, SAD, hyper realistic masterpiece, oil painting, character portrait, bare chest, clean shaven, 18 years old handsome, pretty, UHD, HDR, 64K, anime, in a rainstorm, melodramatic tone
Prompt: hyperdetailed Portrait of an RPG character in the center of a black background by Greg Rutkowski Ghibli Craig Mullins bright colors
Prompt: A portrait for a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet that is a 21-year-old Half-Elf druid with green hair and vines and leaves in her hair. The background is an elven forrest.
Prompt: Male Wood Elf Rogue, leather armor, scars , leather Chest Guard, green cloak, Brown Hair, Hazel eyes, visible face, pretty face features, high fantasy,
Prompt: Colorful dungeons and dragon elf long brown hair green eyes fireball
Prompt: mature male dnd eladrin elf, hide armor, light green eyes and hair, artstation, 

, high resolution, digital art, druid
Prompt: highest quality stylized character concept masterpiece, award winning digital 3d oil painting art, hyper-realistic, intricate, 64k, UHD, HDR, image of a beautiful dark elf-girl in a forest, highly detailed face, hyper-realistic facial features, perfect anatomy in perfect composition of professional, long shot, sharp focus photography, cinematic 3d volumetric, dramatic lighting with backlit backlight, {{sexy}}, aiming down sights with red-hair, green eyes, perfect smile, from Elder Scrolls.
Prompt: druid male elf token
Prompt: dnd, female elf druid with ginger hair
Prompt: A fantasy portrait of a cute but sinister looking, and freckled female gnome sorceress, pathfinder
Prompt: Comic style, Elf ears, UHD, Highly detailed, messy hair, Young male druid
Prompt: druid male elf
Prompt: masterpiece, splash art, ink painting, beautiful pop idol, D&D fantasy, (23 years old) lightly tanned-skinned hobbit girl, ((beautiful detailed face and large eyes)), mischievous grin, dark pixie cut hair, short small pointed ears, serious expression looking at the viewer, wearing detailed leather armor and wielding a dagger #3238, UHD, hd , 8k eyes, detailed face, big anime dreamy eyes, 8k eyes, intricate details, insanely detailed, masterpiece, cinematic lighting, 8k, complementary colors, golden ratio, octane render, volumetric lighting, unreal 5, artwork, concept art, cover, top model, light on hair colorful glamourous hyperdetailed medieval city background, intricate hyperdetailed breathtaking colorful glamorous scenic view landscape, ultra-fine details, hyper-focused, deep colors, dramatic lighting, ambient lighting god rays, flowers, garden | by sakimi chan, artgerm, wlop, pixiv, tumblr, instagram, deviantart