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High quality picture of russian soldiers celebrating a conquer, 4k, iphone camera picture, high quality, face quality HD, good facial features, happy and tired, war, pray, 2023
High quality picture of russian soldiers celebr... [more]

Negative prompt

Bad curves, painting texture, bad face, bad facial features, bad hands
Bad curves, painting texture, bad face, bad fac... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 88606942
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Prompt: WW1 battle
Prompt: Special operators from Britain, Poland, Ukraine, And America capturing Russian top executives
Prompt: Scp rapid response team
Prompt: New Jersey national guard picture in Afghanistan after committing war crimes
Prompt: Modern-day British army soldier with SA 80 rifle, modern equipment, pouches, and webbing, oil painting, high quality, realistic, detailed uniform, intense military atmosphere, professional lighting, modern weaponry, army uniform, best quality, oil painting, realistic, detailed equipment, soldier with SA 80 rifle, modern pouches and webbing
Prompt: Army night at the nightclub, fancy dress
Prompt: three Mexican Special forces soldiers,
SP:20 tactical helmet equipped, full mask covering mouth and nose present, 
Heavy tactical vest, army boots, heavy weaponry, 
Crema military eyewear covering eyes, 
modern, realistic, 
emmaculately curated, standing in a mexican town
Modern Look
(Objects do not merge, or congeal into eachother.)
small details to ensure photo looks as clear and realistic as possible even while zooming in.
Prompt: Greece army
Prompt: portrait picture of a modern soldier during war
Prompt: Hilltop bayonet charge in oil
Prompt: Swedish soldier fighting satan
Prompt: modern army outside
Prompt: world war one trench warfare and World War one soldiers with guns fighting in color
Prompt: There is a black curtain on a wall. 2 terrorist stand with riffles while their scared hostage sits in front of the black curtain playing a mountain dulcimer on his lap.
Prompt: bingbong army
Prompt: Swedish soldier fighting satan
Prompt: Sniper stalking in the woods, trees, nuclear winter, burning objects, guns, camouflage, gas mask
Prompt: Polish female soldier in JSDF
Prompt: US soliders freezing in Poland like in the game Twilight 2000
Prompt: Tall strong Blonde man looks at a large group of military troops
Prompt: Spetsnaz
Prompt: Spetsnaz
Prompt: Austrian army 2030
Prompt: Spetsnaz
Prompt: Bortac in Afghanistan
Prompt: In 1994, Dramatic conflict between a group of Russian soldiers and a group of American soldiers in a dark forest.
Prompt: afghanistan, muslim soldiers, guerilla warfare, scifi, desert, raid. attack, battle, war