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Epic album art - closer than you’ve ever been by Shady B Feat Last Dime Studios
Epic album art - closer than you’ve ever been b... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1862537752
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Prompt: The Outer Darkness
Prompt: renascentist painting hell of souls bodyhorror sad painfull bloody nuclear caotic futuristic city, the end of the world, madness and crazy, sad people, under water, cthulu
Prompt: yume nikki, psygnosis shadow of the evil, roger dean landscape, mandala
Prompt: a surreal monument to the celestial dreamland. a shrine of beautiful lucidity. by ross tran and zdzislaw beksinski
Prompt: Organic life and alien machine merging
Prompt:  fantasy art style, painting, deep ocean, ancient, Mayan, Aztec, pirates, pirate ship, flags, H. R. Giger, waves, mist, naval ship, utopia, warship, biological mechanical, pipes, warship, snakes, serpents, eels, tentacles, octopus, jellyfish, giant ship, squid, glowing, bioluminescence, bioluminescent
Prompt: Title: "Lost Legacy: The Eternal Curse"


In a decaying, dark world known as "Caeloria," where once glorious kingdoms and civilizations reigned, now lies in ruins. The sun is obscured, the air is filled with toxic mists, and the population consists mainly of countless monsters and corrupted souls suffering under an eternal curse.

The story follows a lone hero named "Theron," burdened by a mysterious twist of fate that compels him to gather the souls of the damned to survive. His quest for redemption begins when he stumbles upon an ancient prophecy that speaks of the only way to save Caeloria: to restore the four lost artifacts of the gods.

Theron, aided by a motley group of companions, embarks on a perilous journey through dark forests, cursed dungeons, and forsaken castles. Along the way, he unravels ancient secrets and confronts legendary, terrifying creatures and foes who seek to thwart his desire for redemption.

But as Theron struggles to break his curse, he discovers that the line between good and evil in Caeloria is thin, and his quest for redemption carries dark consequences. He must ultimately decide whether he will save the world or be consumed by the shadows.

This dark fantasy tale highlights elements of mystery, betrayal, adventure, and existential struggles, offering ample room for breathtaking visuals and epic battles, making it suitable for a captivating manhwa.
Prompt: Azathoth
Prompt: space sci fi and lovecraft horror
Prompt: Blade-runner style cosmic horror
Prompt: Dark cosmic horror cult
Prompt: The Outer Darkness
Prompt: Cosmic religion with dark space rot in the background
Prompt: a lump of red and black cosmic rot. hyperdetailed. cosmic horror. concept art.
Prompt: Dark cosmic horror cult. I love death dyslectic core
Prompt: The Outer Darkness
Prompt: retro sci-fi dark fantasy art
Prompt: retro sci-fi dark fantasy landscape
Prompt: A Planet invaded by an alien virus. Use Blood. Use Darker Red. Use Gothic Elements.
Prompt: album cover, dark colors, art, shoegaze style
Prompt: Space horror sci-fi scene.
Science Fiction.
Strange and otherworldly.
Dynamic linework.
Dark and intricate linework.
Simplified forms.
Soft 3D cel-shading.
Ornate and technical detailing.
Subtle and nuanced texturing.
Muted and desaturated colour palette.
Multicolour characters.
Controlled colour blending.
Dynamic lighting effects.
Limited colour palette.
Triadic colour palette.
Balanced and harmonious colour composition.
Restricted colour range.
Subtle colour contrasts.
Subtle textures and grainy elements.
Expressive colours.
Striking and dynamic compositions.
Chilling and enigmatic narrative.
Dramatic and suspenseful staging.
Atmospheric and detailed backgrounds.
Surreal and dreamlike elements.
Haunting and immersive atmosphere.
Enigmatic and mysterious.
Perspective mastery.
negative space mastery.
Visually pleasing composition.
Single panel.
Full frame.
No edges.
Final image.
Prompt: Another dimension
Prompt: wide view, jesus playing guitar in front of a patio grill, infinity vanishing point, pillars of creation nebula background
Prompt: Retro futurism, cosmic horrors, distant planet, people exploring collosal beksinski style super-structure