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deep under ground, in a bunker by my house are a bunch of chunky, 2 part monkey molemen hiding out they built thier tunnel system when the cold war hit its peak and when they found that no one missed them, they remained bellow our feet but these molemen like to party, yes they like to party hard when dj moleman drops the beat the trees fall in my yard i sell them alcohol and adderal and lots of loli and in return just once a year i get to join the party with the molemen oooh
deep under ground, in a bunker by my house are... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2030890935
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Prompt: Tall green ogre in a swamp filled with mud
Prompt: A Monkey faced god with Horns riding a Snake. Photorealistic. Psychedelic patterns in the Background. Trippy vibes
Prompt: shrek in hell
Rick and Satan
Family Devil
The SimpSon
Prompt: King Kong in style of Andy warhol
Prompt: Ultra high Quality photo |A monster furry monkey  is serving Dali and Escher and Klarwein posing as cute furry little Cinderella | ghost ship at sunset | concept art | video game  character | saxophone  | flora fauna theme | fine details and expressions | George of the jungle  movie | ultra high resolution octane  | midjourney  | subject centered | photo realistic | adjusted aspect ratio | upscale | by Artgerm Artstation Pixar Disney Hanako Yamamoto
Prompt: dense jungle, rancor, horns, bees, claws, spider eyes
Prompt: Three wise monkeys sitting at tree stump, with pondering expression on their faces, first monkey holds a shining steel human skull, second monkey pointing at it, third monkey rubbing its chin, fantasy atmosphere, cinematic, side lighting, high resolution render, 4k
Prompt: Aliens fighting monkeys in a global war
Prompt: buff, master oogway, green, turtle,
Prompt: Gorilla being excluded from the rapture and left to rot in a burning hellscape
Prompt: swamp astronaut shipwreck horror monster fear colors
Prompt: Tall green ogre in a swamp filled with mud
Prompt: 🐉🦍🪽🐮🐽
Prompt: swamp planet jack black astronaut mech alien
Prompt: A small hidden Aztec pyramid in a tropical valley, cannabis plants, river, a sunset, giant trees, oasis & waterfall, + dreamy natural colors, painting by michealangelo, dreamy colors, intricate details + diffused light + fantasy + surrealistic + ultra realistic + unreal engine
Prompt: Nazi, turtle, gunhead
Prompt: Retro futurism, lovecraftian horrors, distant planet, distant primal world, people running from monster
Prompt: chubby omoobomoo poster by robin williams, in the style of neo-pop surrealism, durk and gritty, green and bronze, spiky mounds, contemporary chinese art, zbrush, chicano art
Prompt: A photo-realistic image of a lush jungle with an Aztec temple. Indiana Jones inspired, with a jaguar, monkeys in the trees, a man holding a blow-dart in an action pose running towards or around the temple in the background, and an elephant in the Jungle. Put a few colorful jungle birds in the trees. Put vines hanging from the trees.
Prompt: A highly detailed portrait jungle landscape alien
Prompt: A group wearing Jedi robes in a jungle, and in the distance is an Incan-style pyramid, cinematic lighting photo-realistic
Prompt: 🐉🦍🪽🐮🐽
Prompt: Star wars pooh
Prompt: flying, frog and raven, frog fighting a raven, kung fu fighting, humanoid bodies, cool, dynamic pose, league of legends, mysterious, epic, fighting scene, 80s anime style, swampy background, raven
Prompt: Bigfoot teaching humans in redwood forest  in visionary art style