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60 year old American -British -Swedish-Portuguese-German woman , have long hair , blonde tinted hair , warm make up , wearing a lilac suit and sitting , biography photo , linkedin photo , former mayor , politician , college dean , professor , youth neck
60 year old American -British -Swedish-Portugue... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 557587047
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Prompt: A Latin-looking 55 year old woman with long flowing blond hair is critical and shaking their head with a facial expression of doubt. looking ahead.
Prompt: A woman with silver hair, wearing sapphire jewelry
Prompt: Karen
Prompt: mrs kahn
Prompt: Create a realistic photo that looks like the photo I have attached, her face should look identically the same. her age is 54. And her hair slightly warm-tonee auburn. Her face should be round. She should be a bit ugly.
Prompt: A woman with silver hair, wearing sapphire jewelry
Prompt: Paint pen and watercolor using soft shades of blue, yellow, pink, grey, and green of a woman’s head  silhouette with long, wavy hair. Inside the silhouette, fill it with narcissuses, daffodils, lilacs, wisteria, peonies, marigolds, tulips, pansies, eucalyptus, ferns, cherry blossoms, gum nuts, acorns, buckeye seed, buckeye leaf
Prompt: create a mesmerizing image of a 55 year old woman's face with symmetrical features, prominent cheekbones, captivating eyes, full and inviting lips, flawless skin, and luscious, elegantly styled hair, exuding a sense of stunning beauty and timeless allure that is impossible to resist
Prompt: A 56 year old woman with light green eyes and long brown hair
Prompt: full body image of an 80 year-old old sorceress, beautiful, friendly, looking at the camera, masterpiece, sensual, desire, open eyes, visible face, 8k, highly detailed, intricate, smooth, sharp focus, artstation, digital painting, concept art, D&D, fantasy,
Prompt: Female character, centered, portrait, photorealistic, ambient lighting, 8k, ultra realistic, in the style of Mort Drucker, Nikon Z FX, 24mm, high quality, ultra detailed, ambient surroundings, penetrating eyes
Prompt: Female doctor. Lab coat and blue blouse. Grey hair. Soft features. Mid 50s. Realistic face. Photorealism.
Prompt: Ultra realistic, human Grand mother, Symetric face
Prompt: beautiful 39 year old women with white hair, white eyebrows, light skin, realistic, ultrarealistic, high quality art, bright eyes, long hair, beauty, real, long hair, symmetrical, anime wide eyes, fair, delicate, medieval, mountain, golden hour, happy
Prompt: An image of a woman in her 60's who looks 25 years old, very mucsular and curvy, from waist up, light brown hair blue eyes, IQ of 300, strength of 5 men
Prompt: A beautiful queen in her 60s with grey eyes
Prompt: Middle aged woman, white hair, brown plastic reading glasses. Beige business suit.
Prompt: Handsome older Woman general  in full dress uniform, about 50 years old and riding crop in hand