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Feed: a stream of wonders

Discover the latest art generated by users on OpenArt. This visual feast is curated to celebrate creative diversity. Artworks displayed on the feed are selected automatically by an AI evaluator to maintain a safe and inspiring space.

We are continually amazed by the talents within the OpenArt community. Join and stay inspired with us.

Search: a precise lookup

Search by Image Similarity

This returns images similar to what you entered, regardless what the prompt contains.

Search by Prompt

This returns images generated from a prompt containing the words you entered.

🤫 Secret Tip: Search by Any Image Link

Came across an inspiring image somewhere else? Make use of this secret tip to search for an AI version of it without even having to download it.

  • On any public image, right click and choose “copy image address”
  • On OpenArt - Search by Image Similarity, paste in the link you just copied
  • Enter and you’ll find the AI versions of the image
  • You can refer to the prompt, model, and various settings for your own creations

OpenArt Server: vibe with the community

Find the best community creations in the OpenArt Discord Server.

Other than free credits, you’ll find like-minded people to discuss about writing prompts, choosing models, and all kinds of pro tips.

Dive in, explore, and let OpenArt be your muse in the ever-expanding universe of art.

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