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What are OpenArt style palettes

Think of Style Palettes as templates, but a new form that’s AI-native.

Check out this 1 minute video:

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How to use the style palettes

It's incredibly simple to get started:

  1. Explore: browse the styles
  2. Select: pick and click on a style that resonates with your vision
  3. Create: you’ll be taken to the create page that you already know - except this time, it’s set up for you and ready to go
  4. Customize: adjust parts of your prompt and other elements as needed
  5. Perfect: tweak and create until your vision is visualized

With over 150 styles handcrafted by us, we want to make this as easy and magical for you as possible.

Click to experience the Vibrant Fantasy style:

Get Started and Let Your Creativity Flow!

Here’s a glimpse into the variety you can explore

Fantasy: From vibrant fantasy landscapes to detailed D&D character designs and dreamy pastel worlds, the Fantasy category offers everything you need to craft your own mythical universe.

Illustration: Whether you're looking for simple line art, detailed vector illustrations, or vintage drawing styles, this category has a wide range to suit any project, including specialized options for children’s books and T-shirt designs.

Art Media: Dive into traditional and digital media styles including digital watercolor, gouache, oil paints, charcoal sketches, and even unique forms like wool felt or papercut.

Art Style: Explore historical and modern art movements such as Impressionism, Fauvism, Pop Art, and surrealism to find the perfect match for your artistic expression.

Anime: From general anime styles to specific tributes like Studio Ghibli or Horror Manga, these palettes are perfect for fans of graphic narratives and animations.

Comic and Cartoon: These palettes range from classic American comic sketches to whimsical styles like Lego and Simpsonized, bringing varied comic visions vibrantly to life.

Photography: Capture the essence of different photographic styles, from photorealistic portraits to dramatic black and white or the timeless look of Polaroid.

Gaming: Channel the aesthetic of your favorite games with styles like pixel art, voxel, or 80s game box-cover designs.

Customizing the palettes

  • On your first iterations, try to change one key phrase at a time to see how it changes the image.
  • From there, make slight changes to generate images closer to your vision.
  • If you make too many changes at once, the style may be lost.
  • Changing the model is generally not recommended as it can result in drastically different outcomes, unless you wish to use the palettes as prompt inspirations.

Example: Detailed Line Art

Example: 3D Characters